Altizon IoT Platform

Make Your Enterprise IoT Ready 

with Datonis


Internet of Things (IoT) | Industry 4.0

Connect anything

Make Anything IOT Ready

We provide flexible connectivity software development kits (SDKs) called Aliots that run on any hardware platform and lets your hardware appliance ‘connect’.

Push your data securely and control your devices seamlessly from the cloud

Process everything

Strongest Analytics support

Datonis is a highly scalable platform that can handle pretty much any kind of sensor data that you can throw at it. Start off by connecting a handful of devices and realizing the power of connecting everything. Scale up your device footprint exponentially and let Datonis do the heavy data lifting for you.

Use our sophisticated data processing and alerting system to know when things go wrong.Use our powerful integration hooks to integrate with your systems.


Own your data

Best self-service  

Love our dashboards but wish to build your own applications on top of your device data? We’ve got that covered.

Datonis provides fully RESTful Applications APIs that allows any application to interface with your sensor data and gives you full control over your managed devices.


Deploy anywhere

Most flexible options for On-prem and Cloud

Wish to start with a hosted service? Datonis is available in a hosted mode where you pay per connected device.

Wish to host your instance of Datonis? We can make Datonis run on your data center or run a managed instance for you.

Engage With Us

Take a test drive of the Datonis platform. Sign up for a free account that lets you

  • Stream data from 5 sensors

  • With a data resolution of 60 seconds

  • And data retention for 30 days

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