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Configuration and Deployment Options (FAQs)

Q. How can one connect to Datonis and push data securely?

A. Altizon supports both Greenfield and Brownfield projects (Legacy systems) with broad library of supported devices, such as adapters and connectors. We use Industry standards – MTConnect and OPC UA – DA to push data to Datonis securely. Datonis supports TLS 1.2 with 256 bit encryption for both HTTP and MQTT, along with Public/Private key cryptography. Our SDK supports unidirectional data transfer via HTTPS and bi-directional data transfer using MQTT- ISO/IEC Standard (support for remote monitoring).

Q. What are the communication requirements to connect to Datonis?

A. There are two aspects to collecting machine data: data collection from the machine and data transmission to the Datonis platform. Gathering machine data is very specific to the machine. Altizon has interfaced with wired protocols (Serial, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP) as well as wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee. To transmit data to the platform, some form of internet connectivity (for Datonis cloud) or WAN connectivity (Datonis on-Premises) is assumed. We’ve connected machines over extremely constrained 2G networks as well as 3G and 4G Networks.

Q. What is Altizon’s offering or deployment model?

A. Altizon provides three deployment models for Datonis. A cloud-based SaaS platform option, a cloud-based managed service or on-Prem managed service model.

Q. How many protocols do you have on your industrial network?

A. OPC and MTConnect are the preferred protocols for Datonis. Since the Industrial network is rarely homogeneous, the Datonis platform also has a large number of data adapters as well as the ability to plug in custom data adapters. The protocol is not a constraint for the platform.

Q. What’s the pricing model for Altizon?

A. Based on your requirements and our engagement, we offer several flexible pricing models such as a subscription to Datonis IIoT platform hosted on PC cloud, private cloud, on-prem, and fully managed platform & application suite services.

Q. How many endpoints can Datonis support — hundreds, thousands or millions?

A. Datonis can support millions of devices and billions of data points in a highly scalable manner.

Implementation & Support (FAQs)

Q. How do I start my IoT Journey?

Altizon provides both IoT consulting and implementation services.  We recommend an iterative approach of identifying a minimum viable plan, investing in a working pilot, leveraging pilot feedback and rolling out an enterprise-wide solution. Altizon provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Ensuring that your devices are ready to be ‘connected’. This includes hardware level ‘Design for Manufacturing’ service that builds connectivity boards and capes
  • Software adapters and connectivity kits based on your industrial environment
  • Setting up the Datonis platform for you to manage your devices and the data being sent by them
  • Out-of-the-box application for OEE and condition based monitoring
  • Custom web and mobile application development for your need
  • Integration services to ensure that our device data can integrate with your existing IT systems
Q. How long does it take to implement (time to market)?

A. If you have in-house technical expertise, you can get started with Datonis® ‘in hours’.

Q. We have remote devices, where connectivity can be a problem. In case of loss of connectivity, how can you prevent loss of data?

A. Our connectivity kits come with local data storage and re-transmission capabilities so your data is never lost. The data connectivity kits also compress data to reduce bandwidth cost.

Q. We are a global process manufacturing company with data coming from disparate sources: bar codes, PLCs/SCADA and legacy machines. Will you be able to handle that?

A. Yes. The fastest way to get connected is if your data sources are OPC or MTConnect compliant. You can then connect your machines ‘in hours’. If your data sources are proprietary and if Altizon has to build custom data adapters for you, then this process can take slightly longer. The platform can deal with all the data volume that you can throw at it.

Q. Any vertical specific or industry specific use cases that Altizon supports?

A. Altizon works with a broad base of customers for different use cases including  predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, asset performance management, operations optimization, remote monitoring, machine learning applications, etc. targeted to Industrial & Manufacturing, Smart Cities and Utility companies (to securely provide energy efficiency applications to consumers, industries and municipalities). Our solutions can also be customized to support industry specific use cases.

Q. How does Datonis differ from M2M or SCADA?

A. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are focused on machine operations. Datonis is aimed at machine data analytics across machines, assembly lines and ultimately across your entire manufacturing setup. Datonis is focused on operational efficiency, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance and machine learning. Datonis aims to break the data silos that M2M and SCADA systems create. It works in conjunction with existing SCADA and M2M systems and augments your decision making by focusing on higher-order problems.

Q. Have you made any impact in terms of revenue generation?

A. With 100+ Enterprise Users (including SIs, OEMs and Enterprises), our customers have successfully leveraged our IoT solutions for improving operations, optimizing assets, enhancing services and generating revenues.

Technical Architecture (FAQs)

Q. Do you support oAuth authentication?

A. OAuth is not the correct protocol for devices. We already provide a TLS 1.2 with 256 bit encryption for devices backed up by a pulic/private key-based authentication.We can build OAuth support into your IoT applications that will be accessed by users.

Q. Instead of cloud, can data storage be configured to an internal company server?

A. Yes.  We provide this as a Managed Service.

Q. Is the OEE application customized for a particular customer or is it something that you can configure using Datonis out of the box?

A. We provide an out-of-the-box OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) application. We also provide some customization for this application based on your need.

Q. Most control systems already have an historian. Is it possible for Altizon to use and process the historical data directly, other than storing it on cloud?

A. Datonis can connect to a data historian and collect data from there. Datonis can also process data and feed it back to a data historian. This can be done by building custom adapters.

Q. Can I connect a Raspberry PI to Datonis?

A. Yes. We have a Java and Python SDK for that.

Q. Does Datonis offer machine learning solutions as well?

A. We provide the ability to build custom Machine Learning solutions for you.

Q. What are the speed and performance capabilities of Datonis?

A. Datonis is highly scalable and can deal with millions of devices and billions of data points. We also offer full redundancy and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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