IoT Enabled Digital Transformation in the Tire Industry

JK Tyre uses the power of IoT and advanced analytics to  understand their
complex manufacturing process and unlock savings in energy and consumables.

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The Customer

JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is among the top 25 tire manufacturers in the world, with a wide range of products catering to diverse business segments in the automobile industry. With a global presence in 100 countries, JK Tyre has 12 manufacturing plants. The company produces over 35 million tires per year. 

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The Problem

JK Tyre needed to drive IoT-enabled digital transformation by connecting critical processes in tire manufacturing. The processes included mixing, calendering, extrusion, cutting, winding and curing. The resulting manufacturing process data lake was used for deeper analysis into improving process quality and predicting failure using machine condition monitoring. The process and manufacturing data was integrated with ERP to bring visibility and predictability into the manufacturing value chain. Here’s what the implementation needed to achieve:

  • A brownfield solution that would integrate with a fully-functional line and existing IT systems
  • Support heterogeneous machines with a variety of connectivity protocols
  • Provide extreme accuracy and reliability as the system would be used as point of reference
  • Support a set flexible, multivariate analysis techniques that suit a range of complex processes

The Solution

The complete Datonis suite was deployed at JK Tyre, with Datonis Edge operating in a fail-safe configuration inside the customer’s network. Altizon’s IoT platform and Datonis Digital Factory were deployed on the cloud. IoT platform’s API was leveraged to integrate with all dependent systems including ERP.

  • Datonis Edge: It is a distributed computing platform that allows Industrial IoT data to be processed closer to the edge of the network.
  • IoT:  It makes for the repository for storing and processing all machine and manufacturing data, and is the data lake for the implementation.
  • Datonis Digital Factory: This unified digital manufacturing platform is powered by IoT and comes with out-of-the box apps for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and predicting outcomes using AI.



Perform root cause analysis of parameters that govern process quality using
statistical and machine learning

Machine Condition Monitoring

Monitor and analyze parameters that are critical to machine health. Optimize machine downtime by predicting failure before it occurs.

Energy and Consumables

Analyze energy and other consumables that are part of the production process and discover ways to optimize their utilization.

Productivity Improvement

Get an insight into parameters that impact
line productivity, such as line
rates, loss and quality analysis at
multiple levels.

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Automated Bookings

Carry out IT/OT integration of Datonis IoT with ERP to automatically book production that helps in better visibility and unblocking the inventory.


Trace a product through its manufacturing life cycle, and derive insights around critical quality, condition and production
data at every stage.

What Our Customers Say

“We are already scaling Altizon’s solution to our second plant and look forward to scaling further as well as using the platform as the single source of truth for monitoring our operational KPIs and continuous improvement initiatives.”

Mr. Anil Makkar

Manufacturing Director –  JK Tyre

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