Connect and digitize your automotive manufacturing process to increase productivity, reduce downtime and enhance quality.

Primary IIoT Use Cases

Realize significant system-level throughput improvement with optimal conversion cost.

Extend asset life, reduce downtime, cost of spare parts and tooling.

Optimize use of utilities as electrical energy, compressed air, steam and water.

Reduce direct material costs and expenses owing to poor quality.

Enhance product compliance and expedite failure analysis by introducing traceability.


Based on Altizon’s internal analysis, focus on improving productivity and reducing downtime yields the fastest payback of 6 months on your investment. This is followed by quality analytics and process traceability.

Case Study


TVS Motor Company Gears Up for Industry 4.0 Using Datonis IoT

TVS group leverages Datonis IoT to connect a complex and heterogeneous assembly line and gain deep insights into multiple aspects of their manufacturing process.

Product Suite

The Datonis IIoT product suite connects your machines, your people and your processes to drive digital transformation. Harness the power of machine data, analytics and AI to drive outcomes that matter to you.

Datonis Edge is a distributed computing platform that processes, analyzes and responds to Industrial IoT data close to the edge of the network.

Datonis IoT is a highly scalable, cloud-based IoT platform that acts as a manufacturing data lake that unifies OT and IT data across the manufacturing value chain.

Datonis MInt is a business application that provides ready-to-go KPIs and dashboards across use cases such as productivity, quality and product traceability.

Datonis BI is a business intelligence application that provides ready-made data models for creating self-service analytics and reports based on operations data.

Connect one of your key processes within 4 weeks to uncover opportunities for payback

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