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Evolution of The Internet of Things

All about evolution of Internet of Things


  • The evolution of The Internet of Things: How the IoT trends have unfolded over the years
  • IoT introducing extremely smart homes: How IoT Is Changing The Way We Live
  • Drones: The Magnum Opus of IoT?
  • A Gartner Report: Top ten strategic trends for the year 2018

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The Evolution of The Internet of Things: How the IoT unfolded over the years

The IoT agenda website features a throwback to the Internet of Things. While the whole world is talking about what lies ahead for the Internet of Things, this article takes us back and speaks a little bit about the origins and progression till today’s date of The Internet of Things. The world had limited access to the outside world, via the telephone, the television or the radio. As times progressed, primitive home computers and dial-up internet connections started to come on the scene. They allowed masses to be more connected than their predecessors to the outside world, this era replaced by an iota of time by sleeker computers, faster internet, and mobile phones till later on when even sleeker computers or laptops were replaced by tablets and smartphones. Perhaps the genesis of The Internet Of Things (IoT) Evolution lies in this progression wherein eventually assets that were not originally conceptualized to be connected to the internet, got interconnected. Read the interesting journey of The Internet of Things.

IoT introducing extremely smart homes: How IoT Is Changing The Way We Live

Forbes validates the fact that the Internet of Things can be applied in innumerable ways when it comes to automizing a home. The article speaks about an end-to-end interconnected home where consumer products connected to the internet are in the position to function on their own by adjusting to a dictated set of commands. The world is on the verge of seeing an explosive rise of smart homes. Many consumers are very excited to procure at least one smart-home product for their living spaces. Almost everybody agrees that the future will ensure that the popularity and occurrence of smart homes (IoT Evolution) will be shoulder to shoulder with what we have for smartphones in the present. Be it smart home lighting, security, or a completely computerized home, IoT can facilitate that from its stable. This article lists the best IoT products available in the market currently. Click here to know more.

Drones: The Magnum Opus of IoT?

GSMA website has interesting insights on how The Internet of Things (IoT Evolution) technology can encapsulate the so far autonomous projects of drones and/or the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). It is predicted that if IoT is successfully integrated with drones, this union will be fruitful to resolve several challenges in the areas of reconnaissance, logistics, agriculture et al. IoT methodologies piggybacking a cellular network can effectively recognize a drone and precise location of it in order to facilitate their safety and to help cut the losses that may occur to these expensive UAVs via privacy hacks, hostile counter attacks etc. This assures that drones will be able to serve in wider areas, in more complex and risky missions and will be faster and more capable. Check this link to hear about what drone experts have to say about integrating the drone phenomenon with The Internet of Things.

A Gartner Report: Top ten strategic trends for the year 2018

2017 was a sparkling year for The Internet of Things market with IoT enthusiasts oozing with excitement and energy predicting the development of The Internet of Things for the year 2018. Here is Gartner, with their fresh of the press report to satisfy ‘The IoT breed’ by answering their 2018 related IoT curiosity. Introductory excerpts of the report quote: Artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, digital twins, event-thinking and continuous adaptive security create a foundation for the next generation of digital business models and ecosystems. The evolution of intelligent things, such as collective thinking car swarms, is one of 10 strategic trends with broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption. “The continuing digital business evolution exploits new digital models to align more closely the physical and digital worlds for employees, partners, and customers,” says David Cearley, Vice President, and Gartner Fellow, at Gartner 2017 Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida. “Technology will be embedded in everything in the digital business of the future.” Click this link to find out the top emerging allied technologies from the IoT Gene Pool for the year 2018.

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