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The year 2018 is behind us now. The year has seen a tremendous technology transformation. IoT, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain, machine learning, AR/VR, and a few other received great attention from developers, analysts, and the business community.  Through IoT Curator, we have been bringing you the selective articles that discuss various aspects of IoT Technology. In this version of IoT Curator, we present you select articles that look at the year in wholesome and share perspectives on how IoT technology is evolving and trends around the same.

IoT heading for mass adoption by 2019

IoT itself has started receiving attention as an emerging technology trend for 2019. The importance of IoT for our future is finally being realized by the general public, but here at IoT For All, we’ve understood its importance all along. Below is the input of over 120 industry experts highlighting the most thought-provoking. You can expect insight around 5G, smart cities, cybersecurity, edge and cloud computing + hybrid deployments, augmented reality (AR), democratization and governance, and more.

For example, smart city pilot projects are growing popularity collecting data on everything from transport infrastructure to building occupancy and utility systems; however, many of these enterprises lack security measures to protect connected devices and sensors from communications technology attacks. Without building cyber resilience, vulnerable components of smart-city administration are subject to a broader and more severe attack surface. Learn more…

IoT Trends to Watch for in 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT), once a niche technology for startups, is now a technology on which billion-dollar enterprises are building their futures. IoT has already changed the way we live. There’s a great deal on the horizon. In a few years, IoT has had a profound effect on everyday life. The hotly anticipated rollout of 5G promises dramatically to alter the IoT space in the coming year.

Here are the six top IoT #predictions for 2019. From reshaping how, we drive to managing our cities to transforming industries, #2019 will be the year of IoT. #IoT #EdgeComputing #5G #SmartCities #IIoT

Gartner: Key IoT trends to watch in 2019

The IoT is profoundly changing the way individuals and enterprises interact with technology. Just as important, the conventions for human/IoT interactions — usually without screens and keyboards — are still being established. How that plays out will go a long way toward determining the role IoT plays in both consumer and business applications.
Gartner shares its key trends and technologies for the Internet of Things. Social issues and user experience are the most intriguing among them. At Gartner’s Symposium/ITExpo in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month, the research firm shared a report on 10 strategic trends affecting the Internet of Things (IoT) from 2019 to 2023.

Gartner Key IoT trends

Gartner pointed out that the IoT user experience (UX) comprises a wide variety of technologies and design interactions. How the IoT UX evolves depends on four key factors, Gartner said: new sensors, new algorithms, new experience architectures and context, and socially aware experiences. And so far, the track record for truly useful IoT devices and interfaces is decidedly mixed. Read Gartner Key trends and report.

Artificial Intelligence – Trends to Watch out in 2019

During 2018, we witnessed a dramatic rise in the platforms, tools, and applications based on Machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies not only impacted software and the Internet industry but also other verticals such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, automobile, and agriculture. We will continue to see the advancement of ML and AI-related technologies in 2019 and beyond. Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are investing in research and development of AI, which will benefit the ecosystem in bringing AI closer to consumers.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will become the key technology trends of 2019. From business applications to IT support, AI is going to impact the industry significantly.

The IIoT digital solution platform market at the end of 2018

Do you know your platform solution? Knowing your digital solutions is key to choose industrial platforms, as they might not meet your exact needs. What is under the hood of an Industrial Platform solution? What do you look for? IIoT Platforms are still under significant construction. How do you judge the platforms that are out there?
Companies have this essential need to build an IoT platform today, or be at least very active partner in one, or even many, to fit their business goals. A platform connects, it connects your world with the rest of the world. Often when we talk about IIoT, it can get easily confused with IoT. Actually, IIoT, grew out of the other, IOT.

It is the platform that will become the meeting point for IT/OT convergence. The current separate worlds are being forced to find solutions for any Industry 4.0 set of solutions Software, hardware and experts like engineers need to come together. It is technology, process, security and organizational “fusion” is a key success factor and becomes the evolution/prediction for me in 2019 as the gathering point around platform solutions. It is happening at fast rates of change where the need to fuse operational technology (OT) with IT needs the platform solution provider to solve this as the catalyst for new ways of thinking.

As said, Industrial IoT technology has matured quite a bit and so is the maturity of IoT implementors, platforms, and the end customers. Where are you in your journey of adopting IoT? Do you have questions or experiences to share? Do let us know. In the coming year, IoT will mature further and more stories will come out. We will continue sharing noteworthy stuff here. Stay tuned.

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