Connect your complex industrial assets using IIoT to significantly drive down energy and utility consumption, improve productivity and enhance asset life.

Primary IIoT Use Cases

Optimize the utilization of energy and critical consumables such as water and carbon black to drive down cost.

Monitor the throughput of the mixing and calendaring process, which are often the bottlenecks in production.

Monitor critical machine parameters in real-time, enabling condition-based maintenance.

Perform root cause analysis of parameters that govern product quality using statistical techniques.


Altizon has deployed its platform at multiple tire manufacturing sites to introduce predictability in operations, reduce energy and utilities cost, and improve productivity. The payback for use cases in tire industry ranges from 10 months for energy and utilities to 21 months for quality.

Case Study


JK Tyre uses Datonis IoT to Drive Digital Transformation of their Tire Manufacturing Process

Learn how JK Tyre used Datonis IoT to build a data layer for their processes to significantly drive down their raw material consumption and save on energy and utilities.

Product Suite

Are you a tire manufacturer looking to detect future outages at your plant, leverage operations data intelligently for plant performance and centrally control all sites?

Datonis, Altizon’s cloud-based platform, can help you tap into the hidden potential of abundant data.

Datonis Edge is a distributed computing platform that processes, analyzes and responds to Industrial IoT data close to the edge of the network.

Datonis IoT is a highly scalable, cloud-based IoT platform that acts as a manufacturing data lake that unifies OT and IT data across the manufacturing value chain.

Datonis MInt is a business application that provides ready-to-go KPIs and dashboards across use cases such as productivity, quality and product traceability.

Datonis BI is a business intelligence application that provides ready-made data models for creating self-service analytics and reports based on operations data.

Connect one of your key processes within 4 weeks to uncover opportunities for payback

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