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The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is being developed around the virtual manufacturing system, using data-driven insights to improve Plant Productivity and Profitability. While the estimation of cycle times and balancing of lines during process planning is very critical for plant productivity, the conversion costs impact the overall profitability.

With the real-time identification of floating bottlenecks, Connected Plants help management get better visibility into the operations of their own facilities. Connected Products give manufacturers access to the real-world operating conditions of the assets deployed in the field driving design and maintenance scheduling, thus reshaping both the product and the business model, by opening up new opportunities such as allowing manufacturers to provide hardware platforms under SaaS models.

Our proven and differentiated tech platform Datonis® supports both greenfield and brownfield projects in a vendor agnostic manner. We are uniquely positioned to work with leading Enterprises for their digital transformation initiatives around industry 4.0.

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“A leading 125 Yr Old Global Manufacturing Company Implements Altizon’s IoT Platform for Condition-based Asset Management and Real-Time Monitoring of various parameters of pump “

– A 125 Yr Old Global Pump Manufacturer

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Smart Equipment | 125 Yr Old Global Manufacturing Company Implements Altizon’s IoT Platform


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Datonis® accelerates the ‘time to market’ for your connected Internet of Things (IoT) product. Datonis® provides for complete integration with modern web and mobile applications using a comprehensive set of REST APIs. This means that the customer could inject production data into their ERP systems (case in point SAP) as well as build applications that would present this data in the most suitable manner on any device.

Datonis® offers extensive application integration capabilities and state-of-the-art analytics features across Industries and Enterprises. All this with minimal change management and absolutely no interference in the existing work process of Operators.

Smart Equipment: IoT Solutions for Industrial Products | Client: 125 Years Old leading Industrial Pump Manufacturing with a global footprint| Solution: Remote Monitoring OEM

IoT Solutions for Industrial Products Altizon Systems

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