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Altizon is a leading global Industrial IoT Company, that enabled Enterprises rapidly address CXO expectations around Industry 4.0. Globally recognized by Gartner, BCG, Forrester and Microsoft Ventures, Altizon is the partner of choice for over 130 Global Enterprises across 9 industries.

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Make your Enterprises IoT-Ready by leveraging our Industrial-IoT (IIoT) solutions from the smallest value unit to broader business objectives.

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IoT Solutions for Automotive

Get Real Time Production, Up Time and Downtime visualizations in Integrated Dashboards. Improve TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) by improving OEE (Overall Effectiveness Score). Maximize Asset Uptime with Optimized Maintenance. Move beyond Calendar to Condition-based Maintenance. Get real-time visibility in critical machine parameters like waiting time, piston regulator, pressure, oil regulator pressure, spraying time etc.

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 IoT Solutions for Industrial Products

With the connected shop floor, get a single screen Operator view for real-time insights and higher visibility into floor operations. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Process Effectiveness (OPE). Support the current and future needs of manufacturers with real-time Asset Utilization and Production dashboards. Reduce costs by improving Operational Efficiency and increasing Productivity.

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IoT Solutions for Steel

Integrate all operational KPIs in real time for insights in production, throughput, cycle times, energy consumption, line speed, etc. across all units. Get field intelligence to eliminate wastage. Reduce equipment failures and quality rejection with Predictive Maintenance. Set Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) of critical parameters to track the behavior of critical asset health parameters like load, temp, vibration etc. Develop improved safety measures for employees. Achieve Process Traceability with end-to-end batch-wise process genealogy from SMS to CRM available in real time with exception alerts. Increase overall Production Efficiency and Throughput.

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IoT Solutions for Tire

Monetize process insights that are worth ‘billions’. Track the entire manufacturing process using Bar Code System. Set rule based Condition Monitoring to monitor critical parameters in extruders, calendar, curing press etc. Manage tire Inventory and build Operational Efficiency. Build a Tire Monitoring solution for real-time analysis for Fleet Operators and OEMs.

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IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas

Enable Remote Asset Monitoring solutions for an OEM or an end user. Get real-time alerts to track Asset performance and uptime statistics. Reduce maintenance costs with visibility into asset’s health, utilization, performance, and failure cause. Reduce spare parts inventory with Condition and Sabotage Monitoring. Predict and improve well/field Production. Get field insights for improving Product designing and CAPEX decisions.

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IoT Solutions for Power


Predict Power consumption to help the power plant better plan its generation and smoother ramp ups & downs to ensure minimum wastage. Benefit from Dynamic pricing models basis real-time availability and demand of power. Monitor high-level KPIs for Power Generation in installations like installed capacity and Power produced, yield, hourly power produced, instantaneous power at the world, country and the state level. Monitor the Overall site performance with drill downs to shelter level. Maximize overall yield by maximizing Uptimes and performance with Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) anomaly detection, clustering, prescriptive maintenance and remote diagnosis.

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IoT Solutions for FMCG


Implement Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) to track critical machine parameters like cycle time, mold temperature, the number of units produced, the temperature of heating banks, Energy Monitoring, Machine Fault Codes and more. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and boost Productivity. Get visibility in Shop Floor and measure Agreed Cycle time vs Ideal Cycle Time Analysis, Process Analysis (Heater Plate Temperature vs Time), Production Target vs. Numbers Achieved chart etc. in real-time.

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IoT Solutions for Chemical

Control costs and improve Efficiency with Equipment Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance. Reduce unplanned downtimes and equipment failures. Achieve higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and longer Mean Time between Failures (MTBF). Monitor and manage Energy Consumption. Improve Quality and Throughput.

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IoT Solutions for Infrastructure

Get IoT-Ready Infrastructure for Energy Management; Lighting, HVAC & non-HVAC equipment monitoring and control. Work across heterogeneous devices and networks, communicating on different protocols. Run real-time and historical analysis with fully integrated and flexible Management Dashboards & Analytics for all the use cases and vendors of Building Management at various levels.

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