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Datonis® Factory – “Beyond Real-Time Connect”

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) cannot be achieved by just connecting machines to compare plant data and measure losses. You need to align people and processes also to convert insights into decisions and actions.

Datonis® Factory is your buddy at the factory to help you connect and align machines, people, and processes. Featuring

  1. Role-Based View

  2. Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

  3. Powerful BI (Business Intelligence) Reports

  4. Predictive Analytics


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How this helps you?

  • Take full control: To make well-informed decisions, you need real-time information at hand and a holistic view of the situation. With Datonis® Factory, you are not only connected to your plant anytime anywhere, but you are in full control of the situation with wholistic data visualization and reporting at hand. With Condition Based Monitoring, Respond to situations in full preparation to save time and redundant efforts. Drill down into underlying data for root cause analysis.
  • Why react when you can proact: Do away with spending your significant time and energy in reacting to unexpected situations. With sophisticated alerts and notification system and ability to predict failures, bottlenecks, or unexpected downtimes, you can Proactively plan for better, resulting in improved quality, safety, and productivity.
  • Continuous improvement: With the role-based visual interface and specialized reports powered by a single source of truth (machine data), no more manual efforts, information gap, or reliance on derived data. End to end traceability empowering people to tune processes and achieve continuous improvement.
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