Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence

Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence is a Manufacturing Data lake for your Digital Enterprise. Combine manufacturing product and process data from multiple sources into a single repository and deliver actionable insights that matter to you.

What is Datonis MInt?

Manufacturing plants generate a tremendous amount of data in silos, presenting the need to unify data and mine it for useful metrics. Datonis MInt is Altizon’s cloud-based platform that builds a manufacturing data lake for your enterprise and delivers actionable insights.

Define, measure and analyze Key Performance Indicators across productivity, quality, machine maintenance, energy and product traceability. Monitor the condition of machines across the plant in real-time and minimize risks.


Productivity Analytics

Analyze productivity metrics such as OEE, drill deeper into reasons that impact productivity and define actions to significantly drive change.

Machine Maintenance

Identify machine parameters that are critical to maintenance and build models that can predict performance degradation and breakdown.

Quality and Traceability

Track real-time batch and product traceability during manufacturing to ensure compliance in the event of a product quality audit, withdrawal or recall.

Energy and Utilities

Measure, analyze and optimize consumables like power, steam and compressed air, critical to a manufacturing process.

Correlation Analytics

Analyze and correlate information across all the dimensions of a manufacturing process to identify KPIs that that matter.

Digital Twin

Create a virtual replica of a physical product or process to identify and address problems before they even occur.

Altizon Recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms 2020

What Our Customers Say

  • "Altizon brings great domain expertise in manufacturing and big data. They are extremely fast and agile, and reasonable in their pricing. This partnership is one of the better decisions we made."

    David Mariott
    David Mariott Director of IoT, Spectra Symbol
  • "Altizon's Datonis is widely recognized and recommended by leading industry analyst firms, and is a massively scalable platform with support for device management, big-data analytics and machine learning with end-to-end security."

    Richard Consoli
    Richard Consoli President of Cross Company ISG
  • “We are already scaling Altizon’s IIoT solution to addition plants. Our focus is to use the platform as the single source of truth for our manufacturing data, for monitoring and analyzing our operational KPIs and for our continuous improvement initiatives."

    Anil Makkar
    Anil Makkar Manufacturing Director, JK Tyre
  • "We are using Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence) IoT solution and scientific data analysis to establish the correlation between machine settings and quality issues. The results are encouraging, and we are already realizing approximately 10+% improvement in quality."

    Sayan Ray
    Sayan Ray Vice President, Corporate IT, SRF Ltd.
  • “Altizon was able to take up all the challenges and were able to deliver targeted results. The solution was designed and built in such a way that it can be horizontally deployed with minimum modifications in other vehicle assembly lines in all locations.”

    S.K. Vijay
    S.K. Vijay General Manager, TVS Motor Company
  • “By connecting the entire shop floor at our Chennai plant, we are ready with real-time data to take corrective decisions. Deloitte’s consulting expertise and Altizon’s Datonis MInt platform together is a win-win scenario for us. Within a month or two, we could see 2% increase in OEE. Since automation, traceability fell into place, energy management as well.”  


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