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Technology Partners-Altizon Systems-Internet of Things

Technology Partners

Altizon is actively engaged in collaborating with Technology Providers – cloud infrastructure architectures, multi service Internet gateways and other communication service providers to offer end to end IoT solutions with proven technology from reliable partners.

System Integrators-Altizon Systems-Internet of Things

System Integrators

Our System Integrators include Domain Specialist OEMs and other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer expertise in embedded systems, sensor networks, edge devices, proprietary sub systems etc.

Industry Alliance Partners-Altizon Systems-Internet of Things

Industry Alliance Partners

Altizon works with several Industry Alliances to accelerate the growth of Industrial Internet of Things. These alliances include trade organizations, SMEs, non-profit academia, numerous industry leaders in technology, manufacturing and other working groups.

Altizon Partner Network – Our community of IoT Members | Technology Partners, System Integrators and Industry Alliance Members

Altizon Partner Network is a strategic network of leading IoT Solution Providers – Technology Partners, System Integrators and other IoT Alliance Members, who complement Altizon’s IoT Platform. In close collaboration with the Altizon Partner Network, Altizon is focused on helping enterprises enhance their Productivity, optimize OEE, and enable Condition Based Monitoring, Preventive/Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning solutions.