Altizon is your partner to leverage the power of the Internet of Things to kick-start your Industry 4.0 initiatives. We provide specific offerings to address two key areas:

Inside your factory:

Directly listening to you machines in your factory and understanding how they operate. Using this information to drive up productivity. Predicting when a machine goes down. Moving from proactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.


Outside your factory:

Working with you to build connectivity to machines that you ship to customers. Understanding how your machines actually work in real conditions. Helping you use this information to know how your customers use your product. Knowing how and why your machines fail. Providing rich source of real-world data to help you build a better product.


How do I get my machines connected?

The Internet of Things is bringing in the ability to connect anything around you and have it interact with each other and with you. In manufacturing, the biggest impact of IoT is in leveraging machine data. Machines are increasingly getting complex and generate a lot of information about how they operate. Analyzing machine data and using this information to improve your business is the first step towards Industry 4.0.


Connectivity options within the Factory

A factory is an extremely diverse environment with all kinds of machinery. You could have existing SCADA, Distributed Control Systems, Data Historians. You could have a combination of these. The power of IoT lies in connecting these islands of data and control and giving you a unified source data source.

This task is daunting due to the complexity and diversity of machines and systems. Altizon’s experts will help you in this process by:


Studying your manufacturing facility. Identifying critical machines and assembly lines that would benefit from IoT.


Identifying the right hardware to be installed. Often machines need additional hardware components so that they can be monitored. In some cases machines would require the right sensor to be installed.


Identifying the right Datonis connectivity kits if you have existing SCADA, DCS, Historians or any combination of these.


Providing a recommendation for connectivity, which could be wired, wireless or a combination of both.


Working with your factory maintenance team to commission the system and to ensure that data is being captured in an accurate, robust and failsafe manner.

Connectivity options for OEMs

If you are a machine manufacturer, building connectivity into your machines can be complex. Altizon’s industry experts will help you in this process by:


Understanding the parameters that need to be monitored and recommending the right sensors to be installed into your machines

stream-data-securely-with-datonis-iot-platformDatonis® is compatible with a suite of hardware gateways to interface with machines & sensors and stream their data securely back to Datonis®. We will identify the right connectivity hardware for you.

altizon-design-for-manufacturing-service-iot-platformAltizon also helps you if you have the need to build a specific hardware connectivity module. Altizon’s Design for Manufacture Service provides you with a hardware design that is ready for mass manufacturing.


The Datonis® Platform

Altizon’s Datonis® cloud platform is the source to which your connected ‘things’ send data. Once your connectivity is established, all your device data streamed to the Datonis® platform. This data is now available to you for search, query and analytics. Some of the capabilities of the platform are:





You can connect a diverse set of equipment to a single source


All communication is over TLS 1.2 with AES 256 bit encryption


Datonis provides you the ability to query and analyze data at scale


The ability to create rules, generate alerts and send notifications in real time


Use our supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to understand your data better and predict outcomes


Enable IT/OT integration by connecting your machine data to your enterprise IT systems

 The Datonis® platform is available as a Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) with flexible monthly plans.  Datonis® SaaS offers 100% event processing and 99.9% application uptime guarantees.If data security is a concern, we also offer Datonis® as a hosted service in your private Cloud or on-Prem.


Custom Application Development

The Datonis® platform provides powerful dashboard capabilities to generate reports based on your machine data. Altizon also provides application development services to help you build custom web and mobile applications for you.

Altizon is your IoT partner in each step of your IoT journey. Get in touch to know we can help. Do read our case studies to know how our customers have leveraged IoT to improve their business.

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