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Datonis®, the Industrial IoT platform by Altizon helps accelerate IT/OT integration by quickly connecting diverse industrial assets and launching new applications over a hybrid infrastructure with edge computing, advanced in-stream analytics and deep learning capabilities. This Hybrid IoT platform is massively scalable with support for device management, big-data analytics and machine learning with end to end enterprise-grade security. The platform comes equipped with a high-performance edge gateway with built-in support for connectivity protocols, edge computations, rules & notifications, ML and custom plugins. An ecosystem of business value industry apps built on Datonis and enterprise integration kits to leading enterprise systems help IT-OT convergence. Ability to process billions of events, Datonis offers developer SDK and APIs to build custom IoT applications. An award-winning IoT platform and a trusted partner for over 130 global enterprises, Datonis is recognized by reputed analyst firms like BCG, Forrester, an alum of the Microsoft Accelerator and most recently cited by Gartner in its Report on Competitive landscape of IOT platforms.

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