Suhana Weaves a Digital Thread from Farm to Fork with Industrial IoT


  • A quantum leap in productivity — from 90 to 150 batches a day (30,000 kgs a day)
  • Accurate assessment of ideal machine time
  • Accurate assessment of batch-wise material consumption and anomalies therein

Our Role

  • To establish visibility and predictability into the entire manufacturing value chain and use power of analytics to drive operational excellence

The Problem

Suhana Could Foresee Immense Potential for Productivity Optimization in their Operations Using Industrial IoT

Suhana Tastemakers of India is the largest procurer, processor and marketer of spices in Maharashtra, offering over 180 food products, from spices to ready-to-cook instant mixes. Once a 2 person home enterprise with humble origins in 1962, Suhana now employs more than 1,000 people. With products available globally in about 25 countries, their distribution footprint spans around 220,000 retail food outlets.

Suhana could see that despite the advent of digitization, a farm-driven economy such as India still had a major gap to fill. They came up with the idea to work from the purchase point by taking a digital approach for the entire process from farm to fork.

The team realized the benefits at an early stage itself by bringing in a customized ERP solution, and was one of the first from the Indian food industry to have a fully customized solution.

Digitalization definitely has been the most important aspect of our journey. It is not only about the factories or the front end where digitalization is playing a vital role today. Our major economy is also a farm driven economy but there’s a lot to happen in terms of digitalization. So, I came up with the idea that we need to work from the purchase point – we wanted to take a digital approach for the entire process from farm to fork. I strongly believe the next generation food entrepreneurs or agricultural entrepreneurs are ready to embrace digitalization.

Anand Chordia (Director of Technology and Innovation – Suhana)

Through gradual yet sure steps to digital, keeping constant mass movement in mind, Suhana was aiming to keep track of the raw material stock, the processes and even something as small yet very significant as weight. As part of its project with Altizon, Suhana aimed at monitoring Operational KPIs – Productivity, Quality and Material Consumption of critical machines in real-time, with the bigger objective of improving on conversion cost per product.

The Solution

As part of the Industry 4.0 project, Altizon’s Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence suite was deployed at Suhana across two plant locations for optimizing Productivity, Quality and Material Consumption. All the existing and new control systems were connected with Datonis Edge and operating in a fail-safe configuration inside the customer’s network. Altizon’s Datonis MINT and its APIs were leveraged to integrate with all dependent systems including ERP.

  • The Suhana team and OEMs made the shop-floor data (machines, load-indicator and energy meter) available over Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP protocols.
  • Altizon’s Datonis Edge Gateway leveraged for data acquisition from the PLC/SCADA systems and built a manufacturing data lake on multi-tenant cloud.

Use Cases


Raw Material

Operators and (or) supervisors can continuously monitor and capture batch-wise raw material consumption and mixer parameters.


Productivity Analytics

The production team can monitor parameters such as OEE, capacity utilization and downtime, keep track of MTBF and MTTR at line or cell level, and access maintenance history at workcenter level.


Quality Analytics

Avail benefits from the digitization of quality process plans, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and data alerts.


Electricity Consumption

The production team can analyze the energy usage across all processes and keep the expenditure in check.


Digital Dashboards

Digital dashboards provide real-time insights to the plant head into key KPIs across Productivity, Quality, and Energy dimensions.

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