SmartEco: Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem for Accelerated Business Growth

The Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem: Industry 4.0 the Next Industrial Revolution

Globally, manufacturing today is at the crossroads. On one hand, the sophistication in the automation of the manufacturing processes has almost reached to the “nano” scale, it is still a  brownfield when it comes to innovation. And on the other hand, the customer demands on product innovation and efficiency continue to grow exponentially. Industry 4.0 – the digital transformation is the only way forward and most developed economies like Germany, US, Japan have already embraced the change and leading the wave.

Indian manufacturing industry plays and competes at the global level. However, challenges faced by the Indian industry are of a completely different order of magnitude. On one side the industry faces global competitiveness and on the other side, it needs to be dependable on domestic players and ecosystem. It’s not that the industry does not want to adopt digital transformation. If the business case is well defined, and the business goals are well articulated, most would adapt and adopt such a transformation.

Visionaries from manufacturing, IT, and academia came forward to a debate on how we can support Indian industry to become competitive and dependable. This, in turn, will help “Make in India” dream make a reality. Of course for the industry the objective is simple – it should accelerate the growth in the top line of the enterprise by an order of magnitude, and also ensure that this growth is predictable and sustainable.

And SmartEco was born

The S L Kirloskar Center of Excellence brought together these visionaries and who’s who of Industry and academia to discuss, debate and create to create an innovation ecosystem for the Indian Manufacturing Industry in order to build world-class globally competitive manufacturing capabilities and rapidly transform itself to deliver accelerated growth. This initiative connects manufacturing enterprises (Suppliers, OEMs) and experts, mentors, practitioners, consultants to each other. Manufacturers will have access to connect with manufacturing experts, solution providers, software vendors and entrepreneurs and will have huge opportunity to innovate further.

The strong belief is that by the prudent and business-focused adoption of the cutting edge smart technologies will help the industry achieve this goal. We can leapfrog and compete with the world’s best by developing the right transformation strategy, and rapidly adopting the next generation Smart Manufacturing Business Transformation Models.

SmartEco is India’s first Smart Manufacturing ecosystem, that will help small and medium scale manufacturing enterprises rapidly transform to deliver accelerated, predictable and sustainable revenue growth. “Smart Eco™” is India’s unique platform for collaborative networked-boundaryless-industry and business engagement ecosystem.  

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Altizon Systems, the IoT company is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative.  Having worked with 130+ global enterprises enabling their IIoT vision, the leadership team at Altizon Systems is able to add significant value in overall Industry 4.0 thought process. We are actively involved in defining the program structure and content, to bring industry IoT practitioners, to research and marketing of the program.

“Big multi-national manufacturing companies like Volkswagen, Siemens and others have embraced Industry 4.0. However small and midsize manufacturing companies from India may see that as a far-fetched dream and shy away from taking any action. SmartEco platform brings aspirants and IIoT practitioners under the same roof creating a great ecosystem to accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0. We are excited to share our global experience in Industry 4.0 with companies participating in this program and help them in their IoT journey”, says Vinay Nathan, CEO Altizon Systems.

Whether one likes it not, Industry 4.0 is already here and before even we realize, it’s going to be the norm in the manufacturing industry. Digital transformations are happening at lightning speed and sooner the companies realize this, the faster they can move. At Altizon, we help companies create their Industry 4.0 roadmap and make it a reality in realizing clear business benefits.

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