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‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’: Focus on Digital Transformation across sectors – Smart Connected Factory, Smart City & Smart Grid


  • ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’: Focus on Digital Transformation across the manufacturing sector
  • Need for Smart and Connected Product Ecosystem to gain competitive advantage
  • Altizon’s fast-track launch program to make Enterprise Internet of Things (IOT) Ready

In the last couple of months, we have seen the Indian PM going the extra mile for attracting global investment with the Make in India & Digital India program. This has sparked a great deal of interest and we see a lot of excitement in the industry in launching initiatives to help advance these two programs.

Make in India will drive innovation across the manufacturing sector while Digital India focuses on digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally. At Altizon we believe Industrial IoT will drive the next innovation by helping provide Indian manufacturing a competitive advantage in building connected, smart products.

Why Make Smart, Connected products? 

Today every industry has one common business pressure i.e. to deliver more value to their customer with the existing products. This means offering a personalized customer experience at each touch point thus ensuring customer delight. For tapping the customer insights, we need to understand the usage pattern of the existing customer. This pattern can be understood by remotely tracking your devices on the field.

Manufacturers today have little or no insights into how their machines are being utilized on the field. This information is vital for continuous product improvement and new product development. Thus the need for smart and connected product ecosystem arises. Industrial IoT will drive the smart product revolution across businesses which will lay the foundation for smart city, smart grid, smart plant, smart utility etc.

 Make IoT Ready products at birth

The development of new products and services that will be IoT ready at birth, will make it possible for industry to get a larger percentage of their product portfolio connected thereby gaining exponential impact from this scaled customer insight. As both public and large private enterprise learn to work within these emerging production frameworks, we’ll see new efficiencies in terms of material usage, and shipping and transportation needs. This will also enable a new relationship with the end consumers, promoting greater feedback and transparency, and allowing for unprecedented levels of customization.

A typical plant has thousands of instruments, components, and machines with some degree of embedded intelligence which can be used for real-time OEE, performance, and condition-based monitoring. But this data is locked or rarely available to be leveraged for making any meaningful analysis at a corporate level.

For unlocking and exploiting this humongous data set, we need to have all the component, instruments, PLC or any SPM (Special purpose machines) to be IoT ready at birth.

With IoT enabled systems, the CXOs can build a whole new ecosystem for reliable real-time monitoring, real-time tracking, better forecasting, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance, reliable data storage and above all faster return on investment.

Making your products IoT Ready NOW

As with any new paradigm leveraging the Industrial Internet requires planning and insight on building smart & connected products. One needs to first assess the product portfolio to map logical product families for a connected smart product initiative. At first one would look to get an existing product connected to share vital operational parameters for a point application like customer support that establishes an ROI for the initiative. The assessment would typically lead to a prototyping activity followed field trials before the final production runs take place. Also, a typical Industrial IoT product development cycle also involves an integration between the IT (information technology) and OT (operation technology) technologies.

This includes building a secure, reliable, scalable, manageable, data infrastructure layer that all these connected smart products can talk to.

At Altizon, we have developed our fast-track launch program for making your products IoT ready in 12 weeks. This is possible due to our rich Partner ecosystem which includes device partners, application partner, consultants, and system integrators. We have developed our Ready to go Aliot appliance, Aliot SDK, Hardware plug-in and also developed custom sensor appliances for a specific need.

Realizing the Potential of IoT Ready products

It is time for us to listen to our machines talk. The first step is to hold an ear closer to your product by making it IoT ready. Let the Industrial Internet revolution begin first at home.

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