Key Insights from Industry of Things World USA 2016

Altizon showcases Datonis, Industrial Internet of Things Platform, at Industry of Things World USA 2016


  • Industry of Things World, USA: 400+ IoT (Internet of Things) Enthusiasts from 234 different companies
  • Enterprises rushing to capture the extensive opportunities arising from this Digital Transformation Wave: ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ (IIoT)
  • CIOs to assess specific use cases, implementation, security, cost, agility and performance to determine the best architecture

The Industry of Things World USA assembled 400+ IoT enthusiasts from 234 different companies under one platform. These attendees were from various verticals  (about 24) which included a combination of end Users and IoT Vendors. Although this event had attendees coming from 28 different nations, it was observed that majority of them were locally from the USA. The 2 day event opened up discussion sessions by close to 80 speakers along with 20+ Streams and 16+ World Café Roundtables.

The event also had 21 sponsors & exhibitors which included the likes of SAP, IBM, Kepware, etc. presenting their capabilities on IoT. The exhibitors also included renowned industry associations like OPC Foundation and Internet of Things Consortium.

An Icebreaker session was organized a day prior to the event which brought together the exhibitors and attendees on one platform for networking. The event began the next day with a brief introduction by Jeremy Geelan, President IoTWorld USA, followed by keynotes by Government and Industry leaders. A particular keynote worth mentioning was by SAP where they demonstrated a use case of IoT implementation with a Pump Manufacturing company and talked about business benefits and transformation achieved by their customer.

After the keynote, there was an open house with the exhibitors to help the attendees learn more about their offerings. Post which, there were streams of discussions on specific topics around IoT case studies, approaches over IoT implementation, addressing concerns over IoT data security, data-driven intelligence, addressing benefits of IoT implementation, talks on business transformation, company / sector specific use cases, addressing challenges, talking about communication & protocols and more.

Day 1 concluded with a presentation by Prof Michael Porter and Jim Heppelmann on how IoT is revolutionizing products, and an account of the impact of these products on companies’ strategy and organizational structure. Prof Michael Porter specifically talked about IT being embedded into the product, Smart Connected Products & Industry Competition and Value Chain.

Day 2 started with keynotes from key Government and Industry personnel who talked about the role of Digital Economy in fostering & creating jobs and some facts about IoT ecosystem. A noteworthy statement “Companies will be valued by how well they use data” was made by Kelly Welsh of Department of Commerce, USA.

Post the keynotes, the World Café Sessions started with topics on monetizing the IoT & its value, remote monitoring, IoT in manufacturing, the impact of IoT in operational performance, ways to deploy connected products, developing IoT culture and more. The unique aspect of these World Café Sessions was the open forum format where all the participants shared their thoughts, views, concerns about the rapidly proliferating IoT landscape etc.

The key takeaways from this event were that most of the end-user attendees were curious to know more about IoT as a concept, explore various use cases, address their concerns on security, seek specific answers on how they should start their IoT journey, the value of IoT and its benefits. Considering this, there is a huge opportunity for Altizon where we have implemented IoT within various sectors, especially with its informative/consulting approach to help make customers understand about IoT, its value & benefits along with handholding them to take them through their IoT journey and realize the benefits rapidly.

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