IoT Curator – June 2018

IoT Curator – June 2018

Welcome back IoT Enthusiasts. This month we bring you 3 interesting articles that speak about how IoT can be a game changer for Customer Experience, what approaches might be good for your IoT projects and how providers are creating value through IoT. We believe that these articles should be a good mix for your quick IoT knowledge. Let us know what you think.

IoT brings you a new level of customer experience –

With IoT becoming mainstream, interconnected devices and data analytics are enabling a new level of customer experience. The study says that the consumers are not demanding but expecting highly personalized experiences and willing to spend more where they receive such services. This article provides three examples of the use of IoT Technology to improve customer experience. How Amazon Go is giving a checkout option without checkout lines. How Disney theme parks are using IoT to provide a greater experience and how Deakin University in Australia is using IoT technology to suggest a coffee to its consumers. Its an insightful article with great examples to drive the point.

Scrum and Agile Approach for Digital Transformation –

Manufacturing and Information Technology sectors are very prompt in adopting newer and better ways of improving processes. Scrum and Agile are two key methodologies or practices followed in IT world to drive projects. These techniques allow quickness and agility in project management. This article by Norman Rankis on IIoT World talks in detail about adopting these techniques for your digital transformation projects. It talks about values of the scrum, storyboarding, team structures and other details. Worth your time for sure.

Harvesting IoT Value from Edge to Core –

We all know IoT can offer huge value for organizations adopting it, however getting the value from IoT can be a big challenge. This article published on Datanami digs deep into the issue and sights Gartner MQ reference to highlight ways in which providers are delivering value.

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