Don’t Gamble with Your IoT Returns Anymore


  • Smart Factory IoT Solutions: Altizon has consolidated its experiences in implementing 155 IoT projects at over 62 plants across 6 Manufacturing Industries to create the Smart Manufacturing Report 2017
  • The report highlights:
    • The most prominent problems that the IoT is best suited for, the overall improvements that customers have seen around IoT Returns, in both CapEx and Productivity.
    • The average improvements gained and the spread across implementations provides a better estimate of what to expect from your own IoT programs.
    • The trends observed in 6 industries, namely Automobile, Industrial Products, Steel, Tyre, FMCG, and Chemical, which will be insightful in deciding where to employ the IoT, for the biggest impact, at your Enterprise.

How Altizon’s Smart Manufacturing Report 2017 can remove some of the uncertainty from your decision-making the process as you embark on implementing IoT initiative?

How do you justify IoT Returns? or How can you best use the IoT for your business while minimizing CAPEX? Decision makers at a number of different enterprises are dealing with this question. We have specifically focused on the Automobile, Industrial Products, Steel, Tyre, FMCG, and Chemical industries. Implementing the IoT can be a daunting task as it impacts critical processes, and changes established process flows. Understanding the many options and methods available to implement such versatile technologies can be difficult. While various sources exist to inform companies about the variety and benefits of these technologies, they tend to be anecdotal or assumed. Data from limited, siloed, or irregular measurement does not allow for usable comparisons to be made due to the lack of a standard baseline.

Crucial decisions such as this need to be appropriately informed and empirical data will always remain the most reliable method of checking claims and planning strategy. Altizon, with its expertise in Industrial IoT, has implemented more than 155 IoT projects at over 62 plants across 6 Manufacturing industries. It has realistic data available now across machines, lines, plants, and customers. Digital benchmarking plays an important role in ensuring that this data is accurate. Centralized data logging and analytics let us scrutinize trends in the data while maintaining data confidentiality. Altizon has used all of this well-conditioned data to illuminate important aspects of IoT implementation process such as specific IoT use cases, typical costing, trends & patterns, as well as typical ROI durations.

Altizon has released it’s Smart Manufacturing Report 2017 as an analysis of the types of problems best solved by IIoT initiatives. The report shares the company’s earnings transparently, in the hope that this will help IoT decision makers in their decision-making process. The report consolidates the insights gained through experience in the field and presents it without prejudice as hard data. It is hoped that the report would help you to make informed decisions, estimate a time frame for the return on your investment and also benchmark the performance of your current solutions.

The report has already garnered eyeballs globally as Gary Mitchell at The Manufacturing Connection writes

If you are planning an Internet of Things program and researching potential projects and benefits, these (SMR 2017) findings would be valuable toward the success of your proposal.

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