Product Suite

The Datonis IIoT Suite accelerates the digital transformation and industrial IoT initiatives for enterprises.

Turn hidden plant data into meaningful insights for sustainable continuous improvement.

Datonis EDGE

A platform for data acquisition across machines and operations software that enables data processing at the edge of the network

Industrial Connectivity

Edge Analytics and AI

Scalability and Resilience

Custom Plugins

Device Management



Datonis IIoT

A highly scalable, cloud-based IoT platform that acts as a manufacturing data lake that unifies OT and IT data across the manufacturing value chain

Device Management

Real-Time Analytics

Machine Learning

Flexible Deployment


Alerts and Notifications

Datonis MInt

A business application that provides ready-to-go KPIs and dashboards across use cases such as utilities, productivity, predictive maintenance and quality

Productivity Analytics

Machine Maintenance

Quality and Traceability

Energy and Utilities

Correlation Analytics

Digital Twin

Datonis BI

A business intelligence application that provides ready-made data models for self-service analytics on manufacturing operations data

Browser Based BI

DIY Charts and Dashboards

Slice and Dice

SQL Engine

Standard Data Models

External Data Models

How does the Product Suite work?

1) Datonis Edge is configured to stream operations data from the edge of the network

2) The Datonis IoT platform acts as a manufacturing operations data lake providing storage and processing capabilities

3) Datonis MInt provides specific KPIs across dimensions to drive immediate insights

4) Datonis BI provides a self-service analytics layer to drive insights from operations data

Rapid Deployment Process Leading to Meaningful Payback

Connect one of your key processes within 4 weeks to uncover opportunities for payback

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