Datonis Edge

Datonis Edge is a distributed computing platform that analyzes data from devices and systems closer to the source of the data. This data is then pushed to the Datonis IIoT platform for deeper and wider analytics.

Push compute intensive analytics and AI to the Edge for optimum performance, extreme scale and for real-time response.

What is Datonis Edge?



Leverage the distributed capabilities of Edge to set up a distributed, resilient and fault-tolerant Edge infrastructure that never loses data.

  • Make use of the REST API that allows you to build local applications such as a monitoring dashboard.
  • Define key-based authentication for each Edge device that is connected and set up policies to ensure no violation.
  • Ensure that your critical data reliably shows up in the Datonis platform, as Edge supports failover and load-balanced configurations.


Rapidly connect your machines and your shop-floor IT systems to Datonis. Add bespoke data processing, device connectivity and systems integration capabilities using the Edge Plugin API.

Take advantage of an intuitive GUI to configure your industrial assets.

  • Run Edge on a wide range of hardware and operating systems inside the factory network.
  • Leverage a store-and-forward architecture to deal with unreliable and intermittent networks.
  • Make use of pre-built protocols adapters to talk to a variety of industrial controllers, SCADA, DCS and other control systems.


Manage, secure, control and upgrade your Edge devices from the platform using a powerful policy engine.

  • Process data locally and at a high latency with Edge’s advanced capabilities.
  • Define analytics and machine learning models on the platform and push them to the Edge for greater performance and faster response times.
  • Proactively course-correct by keeping a check on anomalous data and conditions.

Case Studies

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Chemicals case study page banner

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