A next-generation digital manufacturing platform powered by the Internet of Things. Datonis has out-of-the box apps for monitoring, measuring, analyzing and predicting outcomes using the power of AI.

Deploy Datonis on a manufacturing line of your choice and see a path to ROI within 4 weeks.



Ready-to-use apps for all personas operator, supervisor, maintenance manager, planner, and CXO.



No more paper. Rapidly digitize manual processes, integrate with existing apps and systems.



A platform based approach to seamlessly connect IT/OT systems and monetize know-how as new applications and offerings.

What is Datonis Digital Factory?

Digital Factory App Store

Datonis Digital Factory comes with a suite of apps that help you rapidly go digital. Leverage our pre-existing set of apps or build your own.


Real-time monitoring, analytics & alerts on production and productivity KPIs.

  • CENTRAL OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Leading & lagging process, cycle time reduction / optimization.
  • OPERATOR: Visualize and track machine performance indicators in real-time. Book losses and defects.

Real-time & automatic process compliance, analysis and alerts.

  • CORPORATE QUALITY: Interplant process benchmarking, predictive quality models, real-time quality audit compliance.
  • QUALITY MANAGER: Process compliance alerts, Cpk trends, quality rejection & scrap monitoring, process correlations with defects.

Enable real-time, condition-based, periodic, and planned maintenance. Perform analytics and receive alerts. Keep maintenance records and history.

  • MANAGERS: Real-time benchmarking of class of assets, centers of maintenance excellence, real-time TPM compliance and scores, and maintenance hot spots.
  • MAINTENANCE ENGINEER: Real-time MBTF & MTTR calculations for mechanical and electrical faults, work center/tool remaining-life monitoring and alert.
  • MAINTENANCE MANAGER: Real-time maintenance dashboard, status of maintenance orders, and maintenance budget compliance.

Digitization app to enable paperless operations, reporting, and alerts across maintenance, quality, production, and EHS.

  • MANAGERS: Checklist schedule violation alerts, trend analysis of checklist data, flexible framework to define different types of checklists.
  • OPERATORS: Get checklist notifications, record observations on tablets, refer to photos and videos before making a decision on checklist items.

Interactive app for operators to engage with the platform and monitor progress in real-time. Operator workbench to provide inputs, raise alarms, call for support, and refer to the engineering documentation.

  • OPERATOR: Real-time monitoring of plan vs. actual production performance, OEE, PU, process adherence, warning, and control limit violation alerts.

Framework to enable digital engineering document management catering to different user personas.

  • OPERATORS, ENGINEERS: View the latest versions of digital documents enabling them to do quality work.
  • ENGINEERING DOCUMENT CUSTODIAN: Maintenance of latest versions of engineering documents, providing role-based access to other personas in the plant.

End-to-End Ownership


We study your machines, automation systems and key processes and draw up an implementation strategy.


We deploy a combination of hardware and software to build your manufacturing data lake on the cloud.


We enable Digital Factory Apps to key user-personas to drive insights into manufacturing operations.


We equip you with Datonis BI so that your IT teams can do self-service analytics and reporting on your data.


Our coaching team engages for training, change management and transition to data-driven decision making.

Rapid ROI

Deploy Datonis on a critical line and see a clear path to ROI within 4 weeks.

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