IoT Solutions for Chemicals

Datonis IoT provides an integrated data platform to track KPIs for your complex chemical manufacturing processes. It aggregates data from machines, automation systems and enterprise data historians to build an operations data lake. Now you can use the power of analytics and machine learning to track parameters that govern product quality and operations performance of your process.

Focus Areas


Leverage the power of statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms on parameters that govern product quality. Predict future outcomes and trends.

Predictive Maintenance

Use machine data to anticipate maintenance requirements on equipment on a factory floor. Optimize planned downtime and enhance equipment lifetime.

Environment Health and Safety

Identify, measure and track parameters that are vital to EHS. Use machine data to drive your digital EHS vision across your manufacturing processes.

Energy and Utilities Monitoring

Monitor and analyze energy and any other utilities consumed by your critical processes. Establish future standards for these process using actual consumption data.

Success Story

SRF Tracks and Improves Product Quality by 10% Using Datonis IoT

Learn how SRF used the power of Datonis IoT to integrate data from machines and other heteregenous automation systems to measure and analyze critical KPIs that govern product quality.

What Our Customers Say

“We are using Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence) IoT solution and scientific data analysis to establish the correlation between machine settings and quality issues. The results are encouraging,
and we expect to improve overall quality by over 10%.”

Mr. Sayan Ray

Vice President, Corporate IT – SRF Ltd.

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