Altizon’s IoT Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing Explained

A chemical plant is asset intensive with continuous production, with data available in abundance. Digital transformation initiatives focus on the untapped potential of this data. If you a chemical manufacturer looking to get started with Industrial IoT, watch this video to learn how Altizon’s cloud based platform suite can enable rapid payback.

Primary IoT Use Cases

Here’s an overview of the primary IoT use cases across the various processes in chemical manufacturing:


Reduced material costs
Improved throughput

Energy and Utilities

Reduced consumption
Minimized system-level leakage

Predictive Maintenance

Extended asset life
Reduced downtime

Payback in Chemical Manufacturing

Altizon applies advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to benefit chemical manufacturers in areas ranging from improved operations performance to extended asset life. Payback ranges from 6 months for a significant improvement in quality to 16 months for predictive maintenance.

Altizon Product Suite

Get started with IoT in your manufacturing plant with Datonis, Altizon’s cloud-based platform:

A platform for data acquisition from your machines and OT systems

Datonis iot platform logo

A platform that acts as your manufacturing data lake on the cloud

Datonis Manufacturing Manufacturing Intelligence Logo

A business application that provides ready-to-go KPIs and dashboards across use cases

Success Story

SRF Tracks and Improves Product Quality by 10% Using Datonis IoT

Learn how SRF used the power of Datonis IoT to integrate data from machines and other heteregenous automation systems to measure and analyze critical KPIs that govern product quality.

Connect one of your key processes within 4 weeks to uncover opportunities for payback

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