Meet Altizon at GE Summit 2015: 6 Must Attend Sessions for IoT


  • GE to host its annual premier event (Industrial Internet of Things) – Minds & Machines 2015 – in San Francisco, California
  • #6 Must attend sessions to gain perspective on technology landscape of Digital BusinessInternet of Things (IoT) and Smart Machines
  • Altizon showcases Datonis, Industrial IoT Platform to help Enterprises unlock the full potential of IoT as part of their Digital Business strategies.

GE will host its annual event Minds + Machines 2015 – one of the premier events for the Industrial Internet – in San Francisco, CA. In its 4th year, the event will be dedicated to the Internet of Things and it will bring together global leaders, domain experts, innovators and industry luminaries to share best practices and valuable insights for IoT value and business applications.

But with so many learning sessions, expert talks, content tracks and panel discussions, there is indeed a lot on the agenda, spread out for a 3-day event. And if you aren’t sure where to begin, we have done some prep and scanned the agenda to pick out the SIX must to attend sessions for Smart Cities, CleanTech and the larger Industrial IoT perspective.

First Day: Sep 29, Tuesday

 1.   Opening Keynote – Vision for the Industrial Internet

Speakers: Jeffrey R. Immelt (GE), Bill Ruh (GE),  Harel Kodesh(GE), Kate Johnson(GE) and Roger Pilc (GE)            

Named one of the “World’s Best CEOs” three times by Barron’s, Jeffrey R. Immelt, the ninth chairman of GE  will certainly be one of the most sought-after industry thought the leader in the forum. With Jeffry and the other GE executives kicking off the opening keynote, we will be looking forward to the unveiling of breakthrough technology and new product offerings from GE.

 Second Day: Sep 30, Wednesday 

2.   Intelligent Environments: Building Tomorrow’s Intelligent Connected World

Speakers: Andrew Morawski (Head M2M Americas, Vodafone) , David Graham (Deputy COO, City of San Diego), Jonathan Woetzel (Director, McKinsey) and Kiva Allgood (VP New Market Development, QUALCOMM)

In this one and half hour session, hear the leading industry thought leaders and global heads talk about the Smart Connected World being more responsive, adaptive and efficient.

With Mr. Jonathan, an expert on energy, sustainability, and economic master planning and Mr. David Graham who is representing the City’s civic innovation initiatives around Smart Cities, the attendees will learn some of the best practices and benchmarking initiatives for an Intelligent Connected World.

Mr. Andrew may share his findings from the 2015 Vodafone M2M Barometer Report that suggests that more than a quarter of all businesses worldwide are now using M2M technologies to enhance productivity, up to 23% year on year.

Ms. Kiva Allgood has previously held executive positions at Motorola and GE and in her current role as the Global Business Lead for Qualcomm’s Smart Cities’ initiative, she brings to the table the long-term connectivity plans and IoT enabled strategies/services for smart buildings, cities, responsive hospitals, and transportation and energy environments.

 3.   Asset Performance Management: The Power of Performance

Speakers: Jeff Ingraham (Director -Turbine & Generator Services, Duke Energy), Kary Saleeby (Sr. Technical Consultant, ExxonMobil), Michael Raynor (Director, Deloitte Services LP) & William Moreau (MD, Sports Medicine)

With many enterprises moving to IoT applications to generate real-time data to facilitate Condition Based & Predictive analytics, they can now drive asset performance to new levels. Learn how the powerful IoT enabled asset performance management can be a real payback. You can also draw insights from their experiences to drive initiatives for operational excellence of your business and improve productivity, downtime reduction, and product or service quality.

4.   Increase Production in Manufacturing

Speakers: Benoit Lapensee (Automation Production Engr, Cascades Tissue Group), James Merriott (Process Automation Engineer, IMERYS) & Mikael Thoren (Industrial IT Program Mgr, AkzoNobel Advanced Manufacturing)

The panel has extensive experience in implementing innovative and integrated Industrial IT solutions, using IoT Technologies for enabling remote equipment monitoring and centralized dashboards. We strongly recommend you to join this session to learn how these companies have increased production line performance and reduced operations costs without sacrificing quality, all enabled by Industrial Internet.

 5.   Brilliant Manufacturing: It Starts with getting Connected

Speakers: Joseph Parambo (Global IT Director, GM), Mike Sandry (OS Team Leader, Schreiber Foods) & Tim Rogers (Chief Architect Manufacturing & Quality, P&G)

Smart manufacturing can truly transform the industries with improved efficiencies across labor, material, and energy. And to reach this operational excellence, a new level of connectedness is required across equipment and systems. These smart connected solutions can provide real-time communication across the value chain.

Join this session to hear first-hand from business leaders who have led the innovative initiatives around smartly connected manufacturing for more responsive, sustainable, productive and flexible solutions.

Learning Session: Oct 1, Thursday

 6.   Making Metrics Work To Truly Impact Business Operations

Speakers: Matt Fahnestock (Senior VP & CIO, Columbia Pipeline Group) & Ted Boyse (Division Chief for Community Biology)

Leverage the key insights as the industry practitioners share the best practices to increase overall operating effectiveness (OEE) across industries. This session will be particularly important for the leaders to uncover the right questions and analyze the proper data.  It will help you understand the scope of IoT enabled applications with visible metrics that can help quantify and prioritize opportunities.

Join this session to deep dive in data-driven analytics for visible metrics and learn how across multiple industries, Industrial Internet Applications can reduce the supply chain cost and increase overall OEE through Improved Asset Utilization with a real-time performance monitor.

About Altizon and how we can help

With the right mashup of these benchmarking sessions, keynotes and panel discussions, it can be a game changer for many CXOs and industry leaders.

Further, our Industrial IoT Expert at Altizon Systems will also be attending these sessions at the 3-day event. So if you’re attending the event, just give us a shout and we’d love to meet you. We’ll also be posting live feeds for most of the sessions, so follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook if you’re not doing so already. Just Tweet to Meet.

And if you can’t be there, follow the hashtag #altizongesummit or drop us a mail on [email protected].

Hope you have a fantastic evening – See you then!

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