Altizon Enables IoT Even When The Lights Are Out!

Carl Ford of IoT Evolution World interviews Vinay Nathan, CEO Altizon Systems, on Innovation in IoT.

The vast majority of rural areas around the world do not have a consistent electricity supply. Problems in the form of frequent interruptions, load shedding/blackouts, and voltage fluctuations affect everyday life dramatically and unexpectedly.

In looking to monitor the grid, Prayas brought in Altizon and built which is a real-time electricity monitoring solution using IoT technology with Altizon’s Datonis platform.

Working with Altizon, Prayas has created a monitoring tool called ESMI which stands for Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative. Deploying IoT sensors and utilizing Altizon’s Datonis platform they track the quality of voltage in real time. The result is that Prayas has managed to improve the quality of power coming to homes and businesses in India.

For this reason, Frost and Sullivan has recognized Altizon for their innovation.

Read full news coverage here.

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