Altizon and Cross Company team up to accelerate industrial internet of things

Oct 17, 2017 – Altizon and Cross Company have formed a partnership that they say will help accelerate the adoption of internet of things and digital transformation technology for the industrial enterprise.Altizon is an IIoT platform company, while Cross is a systems integrator specializing in critical industrial controls and data solutions. The companies say Cross’ information services group will utilise Altizon’s Datonis platform for smart manufacturing. The new system will enable customers to quickly and more easily implement smart manufacturing initiatives, modernize asset performance management, and pioneer new business models for service delivery, say the companies. Altizon says its Datonis IIoT platform accelerates information and operational technology integrations by connecting diverse industrial assets and launching new applications over a hybrid infrastructure using edge computing, sensors, advanced in-stream analytics, and deep learning capabilities.

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