From Edge to Core – Altizon CEO shares IoT Insights with Datanami

From Edge to Core

The explosive growth in Internet-connected devices is fueling the on-going data explosion. The IoT boom is exciting company leaders, who anticipate new business models generating trillions of dollars. However, most of the IoT data will not be used, which some experts say points to a need for heightened business clarity around the technology and tighter integration of end-to-end IoT solutions.

Vinay Nathan, CEO Altizon in an exclusive interview with Alex Woodie of Datanami, shares his views on growth in IoT adoption, challenges, and learnings. He highlights the complexity involved in integrating data from the machine, edge to the cloud and business apps and everything in between. He describes the value of a unified digital business platform that eases out the transformation while delivering rapid RoI. He also highlights the importance of digital roadmap.

Alex shares great research discussing the economic impact of IoT. He discusses the challenges of realizing the value and does not forget to mention not to have rosy expectations.

Overall article is very insightful for the manufacturers thinking of starting their digital transformational journey. Its a must read.

Check out the entire article here.

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