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Electricity consumers across the globe often face poor quality supply in form of frequent interruptions, load shedding/blackouts, and low voltage levels.  This forces them to invest heavily in alternative power supply sources and voltage stabilizing devices or suffer inconvenience and loss of productivity.

Prayas Energy Group , a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organization based in Pune, India – wanted to develop an online real-time supply monitoring initiative to monitor power quality and availability in hundreds of villages and small towns across India. This data would be made available to everyone via a freely accessible website. Altizon worked with Prayas to implement an end-to-end solution that included Design for Manufacture Service for building the connected device and the Datonis® platform that collated data from these devices and displayed them online.

The group has made significant contributions to the Indian energy sector and has established its credibility among the various actors in the sector through its comprehensive and analytically sound approach to achieve lasting impacts through improvement in governance, prevention of gross inefficiencies, and optimizing resource use.


As a part of the Energy Supply Monitoring Initiative (ESMI) for WatchYourPower, Prayas built aMonitoring Power Availability and Quality Across India Using Datonis_Prayas_Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative_Altizon Systems low cost, plug & play rugged energy monitoring appliance was built that could send data from the field (remote locations) using a sim card.

  •        The device is built to operate in rugged field conditions and withstand a wide range of voltage fluctuations & poor network coverage
  •        Real-time, as well as historical data around supply, quality, interruptions, and voltage, were available online
  •        A complete report with supply quality and availability is also available for download
  •        Custom dashboards are available to provide greater insights
  •        Error-free data is stored saving manual errors as well as efforts of Prayas team

The project was selected as a finalist for the Google Impact Challenge, India, 2013 given to NGOs using technology for social impact. http://www.watchyourpower.org/

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