InTech50, a joint initiative by iSPIRT and Terrene Global Leadership Network, that recognizes most promising software products by India’s entrepreneurs, have confirmed the first set of 10 selected products from over 200 nominations.

They have informed all 30 companies and have also got a confirmation from them. The elected products that represent inspirational and pioneering concepts in software will be showcased at InTech50 , a two-day event to be held at Bangalore from April 9 -10, 2014, where global CIOs and transformation leaders will be present.

A complete list of first 10 finalists is below-

 99tests : Is a Crowd sourced Testing Marketplace with over 6500 testers from over 20 countries.

Cerebra: A product from Flutura Solutions is a Machine-to-Machine Big Data Analytics platform

CoCubes: India’s largest assessment and campus hiring platform.

Datonis (TM) : a platform from Altizon which helps get any device connected to the internet, manage these connected devices and drive data related to their performance and usage to a cloud based data aggregation and analytical engine to glean operational and consumer insight.

Freshdesk : A leading SaaS based customer support software that has more than 16,000 Support Teams across the world

HSearch:  an award winning Hadoop based search and analytics engine built by Bizosys.

Uniken: Has developed a path breaking Secure Digital Platform

Whatfix:  A solution for creating interactive support faqs, training and product tours.

WhistleTalk: a SaaS based referral hiring solution that allows companies to leverage the social network of all their current employees, reach out to their friends and hire them.

ZipDial : a pioneering Mobile Marketing & Analytics platform for emerging markets.

The remaining 20 companies will be announced by Monday (17th March) evening. Stay tuned and share your comments about these innovative companies.