The new Datonis® 3.5 with industrial integration & analytics engine



  1. Datonis, industrial IoT platform by Altizon is updated regularly, to stay abreast of industry developments
  2. Datonis 3.5 comes up with these major updates this time: Industrial Integrations & Richer Real Time Analytics, Statistical analysis and machine learning algorithm
  3. The Industrial integration provides a set of ready-made adapters to connect heterogeneous machines for deep analytics of industrial assets
  4. Richer Real Time Analytics leads to a highly scalable and robust rule engine that enables real time email/SMS notifications of anomalies on shopfloor, providing you complete control.
  5. Statistical analysis and machine learning algorithm enables Datonis to recognize patterns, gain insights and predict outcomes from your machine data
  6. Enterprise integration enables support for ERP, CRM, BI to enable complete integration of IoT data

At Altizon, we believe in constant innovation, so that we stay customer centric and futuristic at the same time. To reflect this, we come up with regular updates for Datonis®, our flagship IIoT platform, so that we can help leading enterprises with their digital transformation initiatives around industry 4.0.

Here is a summary of the recent updates for Datonis® and how they can help you in the enterprise industry 4.0 journey:

Industrial Integrations:

A whole new set of ready-made adapters to collect machine data from your SCADA, DCS and data Historians. Now you can use Datonis® for deep analytics for all your industrial assets across all locations.

Why do I need this?:

Everyday, we see increasingly disparate set of machines with different connectivity options right from legacy systems to internet ready cutting edge technologies. You need to extract data from this disparate set of hardware to get the overall bigger picture of your manufacturing process and enhance the assembly line efficiency.

How will it benefit me?:

Datonis® provides out of box connectivity using several technologies like OPC-UA, OPC-DA, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, MTConnect etc. to allow connection with multitude of hardware. With Datonis®, you can connect simple machines giving simple digital rules to complex CNC machines giving out hundreds of data points. Get a uniform view into your plant’s machines/lines, process efficiency and condition monitoring.

Richer Real-time Analytics:

Datonis® now has a more powerful complex event processing engine to perform advanced analytics on your industrial data, as it comes in. This play a critical role in enabling decision making in near-real time.

Why do I need this?:

CXO’s of today need to take quick decisions on the go, based on incoming data. Ex: If you want to closely monitor your assembly output and efficiency per hour and get notified in realtime if any of those go below a certain threshold OR you want to closely monitor the temperature and pressure of a boiler critical to your manufacturing process.

How will it benefit me?:

Datonis® provides a highly scalable and robust rule engine that lets you codify complex rules and provide you with real time email/SMS notifications when anomalies are detected, providing you complete control of shop floor at your fingerprints.

Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning:

Datonis® now has support for over 30 statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms. Now we can leverage these algorithms to recognize patterns, gain insights and predict outcomes from your machine data.

Why do I need this?:

Can the data collected from the machines provide meaningful insights or enable me to predict failures? Will I be seeing any interesting patterns from my devices in a particular geography? Can I use the data collected from my assembly line for production forecasting/inventory planning? Can I trace component failure in the field to the plant/assembly line/machine on which it was manufactured? These questions are critical and can lead to better operational efficiencies.

How will it benefit me?:

Datonis® provides a rich variety of supervised and unsupervised Machine learning algorithms for your specific needs. This includes algorithms of problems like Clustering, Classification, logistical regression, forecasting which lead to advanced insights for predictive decision making as well as using historical data to set futuristic.

Enterprise Integrations:

Our enterprise integration layer continues to constantly grow with support for ERP, CRM, BI and most IT Systems with a rich, fully RESTful API.

Why do I need this?:

The hyper connected enterprise is a reality. Hence, an IoT platform cannot be a silo, it needs to be able to interact with other customer systems like CRM, ERP and use relevant data from those systems for reports as well as push data to these systems for further consumption.

How will it benefit me?:

Datonis® can be driven 100% using RESTFUL HTTP API. This means that you can easily extract raw and aggregated data about your assets and push them in your other systems. e.g. booking machine production in your SAP system everyday/week or automatically filing a support ticket in your CRM system when Datonis® detects an anomaly with your equipment. Overall, it enables you to a holistic view of the enterprise, thereby making it truly ‘connected’.

These updates will surely help your organisation to advance your digital transformation initiatives around Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy & Smart Supply Chain. If you want to know more about these updates or discuss how you can adapt Datonis for your organizations, click here.