Smart Manufacturing Report 2017 Altizon Systems

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Smart Manufacturing Report 2017                                                         

Get IIoT ROI in less than a Year: Challenges, Strategies & Results

Have you begun your IoT journey or thinking of embarking one soon? Well, our industry survey with key IoT stakeholders has revealed the SINGLE biggest question – What’s the RoI for IoT projects? The answer to this question is critical right from creating a business case for IoT project at your plant to tracking the results you achieve.

At Altizon, we have implemented over 155 IoT projects at over 62 plants in 6 Manufacturing industries. A deep-dive analysis of our learnings led to interesting patterns and insights. We bring to you Altizon’s Smart Manufacturing Report 2017 which is a detailed analysis of these learnings with IoT use cases, Payback period, highlights and trends for industries like Automotive, Industrial products, Steel, Tire, FMCG, and Chemical.It highlights the key trends and payback period classification for important KPIs at the smallest value unit to broader business objectives – Condition Based Maintenance, Productivity Improvement, Quality Improvement, Energy Optimization, Warehouse Management and Predictive Maintenance.

We anticipate that the report would help you select the right use cases for your IoT projects and provide a benchmark for expectations on payback period and other improvements/savings from the project.

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