In line with the ‘100 Smart Cities’ vision, Sheltrex leveraged Altizon’s Datonis IoT Platform to build two new connected hardware – Connected Energy Meter & Connected Water Meter

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Smart City | Plug & Play Power and Water Monitoring Appliances


Smart City – Power and Water

Customer Profile

Sheltrex is a real estate development company with headquarters in Pune and projects in major cities in India. It is a developer of affordable housing intensive townships and uses technology as a differentiator. Sheltrex has been incubated by “Brick Eagle”, a Private Equity fund in Hong Kong, which is focused on the affordable housing market in India. At present Sheltrex has projects spread over approximately 300 acres in Chennai and Coimbatore and 100 acres of land in Karjat, midway between Mumbai and Pune.
In line with the Government’s vision of developing ‘100 smart cities’, Sheltrex has leveraged Altizon’s IoT Platform – Datonis® as their sensor data backbone for their smart cities. The intention is to use Datonis® as the single source for every smart connected device within the smart city and to use information from these devices to improve the functioning of the city and to offer various value-added connected services to their customers.

Business Requirements

As a part of a multi-phase rollout of smart connected utility services, Sheltrex identified automatic monitoring and metering of power and water as their first phase. This phase would consist of:

  • Leveraging Altizon’s Design for Manufacturing service to build two new connected hardware devices. A connected energy meter and a connected water meter.
  • The energy meter would record energy consumption and usage pattern and periodically transmit this data to the Datonis® platform.
  • This information would be used in consumption, monitoring and billing applications that home owners in the the township would use to monitor their consumption and pay their utility bills.
  • The township would automate their entire utility billing process reducing their manpower needs and eliminating inaccuracies and errors in the process.
  • The township would use this information for planning their investments into utilities as they added more homes in subsequent phases of township expansion.


  • Altizon’s Design for Manufacturing service worked with the customer to build two connected appliances in Phase 1. A connected meter that would sit in the meter panel and accurately measure all metrics on power consumption and power quality and securely transmit that data to Datonis®.
  • A smart connected water meter was also build using the Zigbee standard. These meters would send water consumption data securely to Datonis.
  • The customer set up various threshold alerts and notifications on the platform that would alert and notify a home owner if things go wrong. For instance, a text notification if a leak is detected in the house.
  • The customer provided custom mobile applications to home owners, built using the Datonis® Application API. These applications would allow customers to view their utility consumption, set threshold alerts and notifications, control devices and pay their bills directly from the mobile app.
  • The Township Authority could fully automate their bill generation and payment collection process. Bills were automatically generated with a high degree of accuracy and with no manpower requirements.
  • The Township Authority also had accurate consumption and distribution data on their utilities at hand which simplified expansion plans for utilities.
  • Datonis® was provided in a SaaS model and its high scalability and simple pay-as-you-go model meant that the Township Authority could scale up on demand with no upfront capital investments. They were assured that Datonis® would scale to their needs.


In line with the business requirements, Altizon built an end to end solution that included connected hardware and the Datonis® IoT Platform. The business specific applications and consumer oriented mobile applications were built by Sheltrex by leveraging the Datonis® Application API.
Consumers at the Sheltrex township can now monitor their utility consumption and pay essential bills conveniently, using an app.
With the benefit of reduced costs, the Township authority had completely automated the systems and achieved a high degree of accuracy in their utility billing and bill collection process. They can also plan their township expansion better. In the following Phases of the project, additional appliances like smart locks, smart tracking devices, smart parking utilities and smart home appliances will also leverage Datonis® as the single unified platform. This will accelerate the development and deployment of smart services within the township.

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