Si100 2014 Awards : Altizon Selected as One of the Top 10 Big Data Companies started by Indian Founders in the US

Si100 2014 Awards (Silicon India Top 100 Technology Companies)  : Altizon Systems co-founded by Vinay Nathan, Yogesh Kulkarni and Ranjit Nair, selected as one of the Top 10 Big Data Companies started by Indian Founders in the US.

The distinguished panel comprised of who’s who and accomplished Indian CEO’s & CIO’s of public companies, VC’s, analysts, founders of other VC funded companies including siliconindia editorial board who carefully scrutinized companies which displayed –  business focus, profitability and customer and employee value-creation.

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Altizon Technologies Inc.: Tapping into new sources of information through Big Data

(Excerpts from Silicon India Magazine, November 2013 Issue)

Today deploying a solution which leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) requires knowledge of myriad skill-sets such as embedded programming, web development, big data technologies, wireless and connected devices. There is a need for a single connected platform for any enterprise or system integrator to rapidly deploy solutions on the field. Boston and Pune based Altizon provides such a platform that works on a SaaS model which helps to dramatically reduce the initial setup costs. In getting a broader aspect of what the enterprise does; Altizon, established in 2013, engages in developing products which are focused on the Internet of Things and builds sensor appliances that tap into new sources of data.

Q&A with Vinay Nathan | CEO & C0-Founder, Altizon Systems

“Altizon Technologies has been built ground up keeping Big Data technologies that help us drive real time Insights to customers. Appliances offered not only help customers tap into advanced internet ready devices but also into archaic machines that hitherto could not be connected,” says Vinay Nathan, CEO, Altizon Technologies Inc., while throwing light on having built and deployed solutions in emerging markets. Several aspects of Altizon’s platform have been tuned to meet the exacting operational and cost needs of these markets. The key differentiators include a cutting edge technology stack that drives real time consumer insight, an ability to rapidly roll solutions and customized connected devices to suit specific customer segments.

What makes up the Altizon Machinery ?

Some of the products that Altizon provides include Aliot appliances which help connect devices and send data to the Altizon Datonis® Platform in a secure and scalable manner. The second product includes the Datonis® Platform as an OEM solution like the Datonis® IoT Device Cloud which acts like a device management solution to help aggregate data from sensor networks and make them available for processing in a secure and scalable manner. The other includes the Datonis® Big Data Engine which is a next generation technology stack based on Big Data Technologies that helps us drive enterprise solutions. Lastly, Altizon provide SaaS Applications in the Manufacturing space.

The Datonis® platform manages these appliances and aggregates this data at scale using Big Data technologies. It also offers a real time insights engine and an application development platform for system integrators and enterprises to rapidly build solutions. To further speed up adoption Altizon has a set of pre-built applications in the Manufacturing space to help drive operational efficiency and remote monitoring needs.

Current Stand on the Market and Future Prospects

Altizon has focused on the adoption of Big Data and IoT in the Manufacturing space; therefore, having a dozen clients and early adopters in the SME sector in India leveraging their solutions. Initial customer growth is driven by volume sales in this segment. Altizon is looking to expand into the international market with the Datonis® platform as an OEM solution for global needs. In addition to manufacturing we are looking at products in Retail, Healthcare and Consumer Electronics space.