Second Annual OPEX in Chemical Summit, (December 6 and 7, 2017), Mumbai

The second summit aims at exploring strategies, processes, innovation, and automation to achieve operational excellence in a chemical manufacturing cycle. With a brilliant first session, the summit plans to replicate its success via sharing exclusive chemical industry secrets coming from the think tank of the chemical enterprise. Also, the summit will be discussing some of the insights on how chemical manufacturers should effectively implement the ‘excellence initiatives’ and ensure sustaining gains from them.

The Indian Chemical Industry is booming and can shine on the global stage if they implement proper resource utilization methods. This summit intends to share trade maneuvers for a chemical enterprise to be a global player. Other elements that will be covered are:

  1. Approach to achieving the real competitive advantage through OPEX
  2. A holistic approach to effective implementation of OPEX
  3. Approach to sustain operational excellence
  4. Unlocking the potential of OPEX programs for the Chemical Industry
  5. Turning operational excellence into sustainable success.

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Venue & Dates:

6th  & 7th  December 2017: Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

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