Leading Global Metal Forging Company Lays The Foundation Of Industry 4.0 Using Datonis IoT Platform

Sector – Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

Customer Profile

A Leading Global Metal Forging Company – A US $ 2.5 Billion conglomerate, head quartered in Pune. It is a technology driven global leader in Metal Forming sector. It has a transcontinental presence across nine manufacturing locations, serving several sectors including automotive, power, oil and gas, construction & mining, locomotive, marine and aerospace.

Business Requirements

  • Line OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Live Line Status Report
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Historical Shift production
  • Line Utilization Report

The Challenge

As a part of their Industry 4.0 initiative, the customer wished to improve their products, their business and their overall efficiency using actual production data from their assembly lines. The customer had multiple assembly lines with a diverse set of machines, robots and conveyors. They wished to analyse real-time data as well as store the historical data from their lines to identify issues, improve throughput and predict outcomes. There were several challenges that this vision presented.

  • The customer had invested in multiple SCADA systems across their lines. Multiple heterogeneous systems meant that it was extremely complex to collect dataacross these systems and present a unified view of production and efficiency data. There were islands of data that were not unified.
  • The assembly lines consisted of heterogeneous machines, a majority of which were not connected. Data for these machines were manually complied resulting in delays and inaccuracies in decision making.
  • Connecting additional machines would result in a humongous growth of data. The existing SCADA systems would not scale to this data growth which meant that there were limits to the amount of real-time and historical data that these systems could handle.
  • The shop-floor (Operational Data) was isolated from the rest of the IT network in the organisation. The existing complex network topology made it a challenge for systems to talk to each other.
  • The CXOs and decision makers in the company needed modern Rich Internet Applications that would work from anywhere and on any device. They needed modern and responsive web and mobile applications that would present data to then when they wanted it.


Some of the business outcomes of deploying the Datonis® platform are.

Centralized Machine Data

All machine data is now collected and available for analysis at a central location.

Real-time and Historical OEE and Production Visibility

Provided accurate real-time OEE and production visibility – which was earlier manually calculated and was inaccurate.

Condition Monitoring

Real time alerts and notifications and historical analysis of machine data helped improve real-time condition monitoring of machines and then drive an accurate schedule for Predictive Maintenance of machines

On-Demand Machine Data Analysis

Machine data analysis reports are now available anywhere and at any time.

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