The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management.  IoT provides accurate machine data to your ERP and CRM systems transforming them into intelligent, real-time systems that can have a tremendous impact on your business.

IoT is a culmination of technology advances in connected hardware, cloud, big-data analytics and highly scalable systems. Every ‘thing’ around you can connect and exchange information with each other, with software systems and with end users.  This has resulted in a digitized and connected supply chain.

Detailed visibility of a product’s lifecycle, right from manufacturing to retail.

Better understanding of your inventory levels and your warehouse stock.

Knowing how your product is performing on the field.  Understanding sub-optimal product performance and predicting product failures before they happen.

Gaining user insight. Know how your customers are using your product.

Creating fleet efficiencies. Knowing when a product needs to be shipped. Optimizing the manner in which product maintenance and repair is carried out.



Altizon is your partner for building out your connected supply chain. We provide the following specific offerings in this space.



Infrastructure connectivity of Supply chain



The Datonis®  Platform



Enterprise IT/OT Integrations



Custom Application Development


Connecting Supply Chain Infrastructure:

Your supply chain infrastructure is diverse. Connecting manufacturing facilities, warehouses, fleets and building a connected product can talks back to you is complex. Altizon provides the following solutions to simplify this:

Hardware Connectivity Kits

Certified hardware connectivity kits that interfaces with to your infrastructure and connects them. These kits are compatible with all protocols

Software Connectivity Kits

If you have an existing SCADA or DCS systems, we provide software connectivity kits. This enables you to drive data from disparate SCADA/DCS systems to a centralized repository

Bespoke Hardware

Altizon provides a Design for Manufacture service where we will provide a custom hardware design. This will be hardware specific to your equipment with built-in Datonis connectivity



The Datonis Platform

Altizon’s Datonis®  cloud platform is the source to which your connected ‘things’ send data. Once your connectivity is established, all your device data streamed to the Datonis® platform. This data is now available to you for search, query and analytics. Some of the capabilities of the platform are: a hosted service in your private Cloud or on-Prem.



Datonis®as a hosted service in your private Cloud or on-Prem.



You can connect a diverse set of equipment to a single source


All communication is over TLS 1.2 with AES 256 bit encryption


Datonis provides you the ability to query and analyze data at scale


The ability to create rules, generate alerts and send notifications in real time


Use our supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms to understand your data better and predict outcomes


Enable IT/OT integration by connecting your machine data to your enterprise IT systems

 The Datonis® platform is available as a Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) with flexible monthly plans.  Datonis® SaaS offers 100% event processing and 99.9% application uptime guarantees.If data security is a concern, we also offer Datonis®as a hosted service in your private Cloud or on-Prem.


Custom Application Development

The Datonis® platform provides powerful dashboard capabilities to generate reports based on your machine data. Altizon also provides application development services to help you build custom web and mobile applications for you.

 Altizon is your IoT partner in each step of your IoT journey. Get in touch to know we can help. Do read our case studies to know how our customers have leveraged IoT to improve their business.

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