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For an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company, forecasting and demand planning is a critical aspect. Currently, most of the production booking in ERP systems are manual and lagged. It greatly influences the planning decisions and hits the bottom line. 

Slowly and steadily the FMCG companies are embracing IoT technologies in a big way; mainly to benefit from cost reduction, asset optimization, and utilization, productivity and efficiency improvements. 

We understand the need of a connected supply chain management to reduce downtimes due to material shortages and supplier delays. We help automate the production plan using our IoT platform as the single source of real-time automatic production booking that can also be integrated with any ERP system. With our end to end solutions, we work towards Total Resource Productivity improvement for maintaining EBITDA levels across all organizations.

Our proven and differentiated tech platform Datonis® supports both greenfield and brownfield projects in a vendor agnostic manner. We are uniquely positioned to work with leading Enterprises for their digital transformation initiatives around industry 4.0.

So just connect, manage and learn!

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Customers Speak

“In our muli-product plant with varying cycle times, floating bottlenecks had adversely affected the Overall Productivity. Leveraging Altizon’s IoT solutions, we have identified and eliminated these bottlenecks with detailed Machine data analytics and significantly reduced direct labor, indirect labor and energy expenses “

 – A Leading FMCG Major

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How it Works 

Datonis® accelerates the ‘time to market’ for your connected Internet of Things (IoT) product. Datonis® provides for complete integration with modern web and mobile applications using a comprehensive set of REST APIs. This means that the customer could inject production data into their ERP systems (case in point SAP) as well as build applications that would present this data in the most suitable manner on any device.

Datonis® offers extensive application integration capabilities and state-of-the-art analytics features across Industries and Enterprises. All this with minimal change management and absolutely no interference in the existing work process of Operators.

Smart Supply Chain: IoT Solutions for FMCG | ClientA Global Leader in FMCG Industry Solution: Real-Time Line Rate for a global FMCG Major


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