The IoT Curator:: July 2017


Presenting IoT Curator, a monthly digest curating the latest trends for the IoT practitioner and enthusiast of today.


  • Edge Analytics
  • Why are manufacturers moving to Industry 4.0
  • IoT Security
  • Collaborative Manufacturing

At Altizon, we believe innovation and learning never stops. Especially in the cutting edge technology oriented space of today where every new development holds the potential to change the way we perceive the world around us, staying updated is a must for every enterprise to stay ahead of the curve. Taking this forward, we present to your first edition of the IoT Curator, a monthly digest where we discuss 4 topics that are important for the IoT practitioner and enthusiast of today.

  1. Edge Analytics: Edge Analytics is the newest kid on the block in the IoT world. Edge technology basically involves empowering the gateways of the network with intelligence so that the optimization of the network can first occur at the level of individual edge equipment and work inward to spread the wider benefits of edge capabilities enterprise-wide. Edge analytics can turn around various manufacturing scenarios since its rapid response time improves efficiency and reduces dependency on the platform in the cloud. An article called Boosting Equipment Manufacturing Through Edge AnalyticsWritten by Andy Howard and Andrew D. Hopkins, Accenture for Automation world, this article talks about the emergence of edge analytics and how it can transform the manufacturing world.
  2. Why are manufacturers moving to Industry 4.0: Industry 4.0 is a highly discussed buzzword among the global manufacturing community of today. Manufacturing is undergoing a drastic digital transformation with the emergence of cyber-physical systems, internet of things and cloud computing. The vision for the factory of the future is one that ingests raw materials and feeds them in sequence through a self-healing assembly line with little human interaction on the floor. Instead, there will be 10 people in a control room monitoring.It’s a total collaboration between people, process, and technology. The journey is not easy for a typical manufacturer, with heterogeneous machine landscape with disparate control systems, protocols etc and the information islands created due to siloed operations. An article that talks about F & S’s latest whitepaper on  Manufacturing 4.0: A Playbook for Navigating the Journey to IT Modernization & Transformation talks about the major reasons manufacturers are considering a move to the Industry 4.0 journey
  3. IoT Security: Security for IoT has been one of the most pressing issues since the technology has become the holy grail for consumers and businesses alike.Since it is a combination of multiple technologies, the security aspect is complicated and hence cannot be just derived from other devices.The IoT solution stack stretches from the chip to the cloud and incorporates hardware, network, and applications. Each layer of the solution stack is important in relation to security with multiple human stakeholders across the value chain that are responsible.Hence, businesses need to think of security ground up, factoring authentication,  encryption and preventive measures too. An article by Inside big data magazine describes why businesses can no longer ignore IoT security and is a must read for all businesses who have adopted or thinking of adopting IoT for their enterprise initiatives. 
  4. Collaborative Manufacturing: With digital enterprise becoming a reality, the time is ripe to move to collaborative Manufacturing- a new age paradigm involving streamlining of end-to-end business and supply chain processes to create a comprehensive real-time information base for the decision makers to help innovate. Organizations are joining hands both internally between departments and with other organizations to provide value to the end customer. Learn how the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is changing the ways Enterprises collaborate. Read the article on ‘Collaborative Manufacturing’: A Keiretsu of IT and OT in the Manufacturing World by Vinay Nathan, CEO, Altizon to learn what trends are emerging that enterprise CxOs need to be aware of and make their contributions towards.

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