IoT Projects | Altizon Systems Mentioned in Gartner Hype Cycle for ICT in India, 2017

With the new breed of IoT solutions and technologies emerging, the senior IT leaders are often confused and challenged to identify the ones relevant to their business use cases. Gartner Hype Cycle for ICT (Information and Communication Industry) 2017 maps the 26 key technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Platform as a Service etc. against the length of time and business impact for the next 10 years. For companies looking to invest in IoT Projects, Gartner's understanding of the Hype Cycle can help senior IT leaders prioritize their technology investments with the right IoT platform company with more insights into business impacts. Read more to identify the key focus areas for your IoT projects.

The IoT Curator :: July 2017

At Altizon, we believe in constant innovation and staying updated with latest trends globally. To share these with you every month, we present to you The IoT Curator July 2017- our top pick of 4 interesting as well as important topics for every IoT enthusiast, adopter, and champion. Read more to uncover the emerging trends in - Edge Analytics, Industry 4.0, IoT Security and Collaborative Manufacturing.

Data Analytics: The Key to Unlocking the True Power of the IoT

While the IoT market is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.9%, the Analytics market is estimated to have a CAGR of 31%. If decision makers want to ensure that their current and future IoT projects deliver timely returns, their focus should be on applying better analytics. They must move beyond Descriptive (What happened) or Diagnostic (Why it happened) Analytics to Predictive (What will happen) & Prescriptive (What actions to take) Analytics. Read the blog to understand, how the right data analytic tools can help your organization tap into the power of big data analytics within your connected factory or field assets.

IoT Solutions for Tire | Vulcanizing the Tire Plant Operations, the IoT way

The Tire industry faces a slew of operational and supply chain challenges due to the nature of its operations. The rising consumable costs, the constant pressure of EBITDA put a pressure on the manufacturer to optimize the resources. Many tire plants have a mix of manufacturing assets ranging from legacy machines to modern state of art machines with the heterogeneous mix of control systems, protocols, and outputs. However, most of these plants run with heterogeneous machines, protocols along with departmental silos with hardly any data and information being shared. Read more to learn how IoT can be a true game-changer for the tire industry.

Altizon named in Gartner Competitive Landscape of IoT Platform Vendors Report 2017

Recently, Gartner published its well researched comprehensive report for 'Competitive Landscape of IoT Platform Vendors' for 2017 and Altizon is proud to be named in this report useful for the two core end user buying centers – the OEMs and the Operators/Owners. Mapping out the Competitive IoT Platform landscape for 2017, Gartner surveyed and evaluated numerous vendors for clear differentiation (business value), technology stack, architecture, ease of implementation, vertical market solutions, the ecosystem of partners and long-term strategic engagement. From the pool of hundred such companies offering IoT Solutions, Altizon is recognized as one of the few top TSPs (Technology Service Providers). Read more to identify the key characteristics for the most suitable IoT Implementation Partner.

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