Don’t Gamble with Your IoT Returns Anymore | Smart Manufacturing Report 2017

How do you justify IoT Returns? or How can you best use the IoT for your business while minimizing CAPEX? Decision makers at a number of different enterprises are dealing with this question. Our Smart Manufacturing Report 2017 specifically addresses this million dollar question of IoT 'Returns'. It uncovers the insights from IoT Projects for Automobile, Industrial Products, Steel, Tyre, FMCG, and Chemical industries. Highlighting the overall improvements that customers have seen, in both CapEx & Productivity, this report will serve as a handy guide to what to expect from your IoT initiatives.

The Importance of Human Touch in Smart Manufacturing

While a lot has been said about digital transformation as an opportunity to improve workers' efficiency and thereby overall productivity, there is an alarming fear of workers being replaced in the face of 'áutomation'. Our domain experts not only reject these fears but also provide evidence of strong integration of 'Human' and 'Digital Labor'. Read more to find it for yourself, how 'Smart Manufacturing' - the Industry 4.0 revolution is a next evolutionary step for companies and employees alike. And despite the advancements in technology, humans will always have a place in society.

Collaborative Manufacturing: A Keiretsu of IT and OT in the Manufacturing World

With digital enterprise becoming a reality, the time is ripe to move to collaborative Manufacturing- a new age paradigm involving streamlining of end-to-end business and supply chain processes to create a comprehensive real-time information base for the decision makers to help innovate. Organizations are joining hands both internally between departments and with other organizations to provide value to the end customer. Here are a few trends emerging that enterprise CxOs need to be aware of and make their contributions towards.

IoT enabled Traceability – Your Guard for Product Recalls

Product recalls are frustrating for the customers but spell financial & reputational disaster for the manufacturer. The recent incidents at Ford, GM & Samsung depict the vicious impact of recalls. It is only important that such key players spend in advanced Data Mining techniques and Machine Learning to track and trace every component of their final product from suppliers to the final customers - the genesis of New Age Real Time Traceability. Outlining the essential steps, learn how IoT takes traceability to the next level and nips product recalls at the root.

7 Must-Attend Sessions at the Industry of Things World USA 2017

It's already Day 1, as we unfold the Agenda of one of the leading Industrial IoT events in the USA, Industry of Things World. To help you get the most of the action packed sessions, our seasoned experts have identified the key trending themes around Smart Manufacturing, IoT Security, Applications of IoT etc. These 7 must attend sessions comprise of experts from among the best in the Industry. Learn more about the speakers on each of these sessions and deep dive into what this means to you.

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