Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 India IoT Energy Monitoring New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Altizon recently won the Frost & Sullivan 2017 India IoT Energy Monitoring New Product Innovation Leadership Award. The award was presented to Altizon for its technology innovation using its Datonis® Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform to develop a real-time electricity monitoring solution that helps ensure quality of power generation and best practices.

The IoT Curator Sep 2017

In this edition of IoT curator, we bring to you critical pointers for your IIoT projects like How to get your IT & OT departments to champion the IoT project, How Data Science can revolutionise your shopfloor, the impact of IIoT on your enterprise's customer experience and how edge computing is rightly proclaimed as the next big thing.

Arena Simulation Software & Datonis® | IoT making Simulation World Real

Simulation is a flexible, cost-effective and accessible method for manufacturers to gain insights about real-world situations without the issues and costs associated with working with an actual system. However, without real-time accurate input data, the simulation results are of no help at all. Learn how Arena Simulation Software (a leading simulation brand by Rockwell) and Datonis® (an Industrial IoT platform by Altizon) explain how both of these can together magnify your digital transformation initiatives on the shop floor.

IoT for Digital Customer Experience

In the super-connected world of today, IoT can help the seller reach out to the connected customer to enrich their experience with the brand. Learn how manufacturers can leverage IoT for Digital Customer Experience to provide proactive after-sales service, get valuable customer usage insights, make better products and craft relevant and targeted business models for the customer in this blog.

The IoT Curator-August 2017

In this edition for 'The IoT Curator-Aug 2017' read about these trending topics: Why is cloud essential for manufacturers? - The need for an IoT Cloud Platform, Five Whys and its relevance in the IoT age, Industrial IoT Security & its two levels for enterprises and Why is IIoT a different ballgame from consumer IoT?. Stay tuned with us for more of this next month.

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