Leveraging IoT for Transformative Services_Creation of New Revenue Streams Through New Services_Altizon Systems

With increasing competition and commoditization of products, it has become imperative for companies to shift focus from just creating products to providing value added services that create differentiation in terms of the value perceived by customers.

A logical step for these companies is to create differentiation through providing Managed Services of Assets.

Download this article to learn how by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), the managed service providers can create new revenue streams through new services by accessing and analyzing data in real-time.

A Guide To The IoT Landscape-Part 2_Altizon Systems_Internet of Things

A Guide to the IoT Landscape – Part 2 covers this transformational imperative of IoT – connecting people, processes, data and things.

Download this Infographic to identify the roadmap for the transformed product and services around Internet of Things (IoT), which will be either built on the existing ecosystem (in case the enterprises have one) or on a newly created one in phases.


A Guide To The IoT Landscape-Part 1_Altizon Systems_Internet of ThingsA Guide to the IoT Landscape – Part 1 covers the detailed analysis of the scope and economic potential of Internet of Things across the different settings. The first part highlights :

1. The Drivers of Global Adoption: Key Enablers for its widespread adoption

2. IoT Promise & Potential:  Value Proposition for the Enterprise and the Consumer Side 

Download this Infographic to learn how with this transformational wave, Internet of Things (IoT) will force the private and public sectors to provide flexible consumer models aligned with the user experience.

Machine-Data-for-Manufacturing-Intelligence-Internet-of-ThingsThere are three layers of detail in which manufacturers look for optimizations:

1. Machine Level: Metrics of Efficiency & Quality at the machine level

2. Plant Or Unit Level:  Asset Utilization & Profitability of the unit or plant

3. Corporation Or Global Level Sustainability of the Business, Energy and Power Utilization & Reliability of the Product Manufactured.

Download this eBook to uncover the opportunities to improve the existing systems and processes and make data driven decisions for effectiveness of your production using manufacturing intelligence.

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