Smart Factory-Uncover Your Factory's Hidden Capacity Using IoT Most plant managers are pretty happy with their existing plant capacity based on traditional derived data. However, there is tremendous scope to uncover hidden capacity and gain sustainable throughput. The root cause of the current inefficiencies are (1) Derived Data (Lack of Real-time data)  (2) Erroneous Manual Efforts and (3) Lack of ‘Single source of truth’ at all levels.

With insights from the Solution Delivery team, our senior experts have identified the key field challenges. In this webinar, the team discusses how IoT helps manufacturing companies bring hidden capacity to surface thereby enabling them to take informed decisions and gain sustainable improvements in throughput – a connected ‘Smart Factory’.

Link to Recorded Webinar:  Uncover Your Factory Hidden Capacity using IoT   |  Save the PPT

Presenters: Veeresh Dharappanavar (Sr. Director Sales, Altizon Systems), Harish Kulkarni (Director Sales, Altizon Systems)


Your First Step to Industry 4.0_Internet of Things_Altizon Systems

Outlining the core benefits and key drivers, will help CXOs  link their IoT initiatives with business and financial performance.This is the ‘why’ step in the IoT planning process.

‘The Internet of Things : Your First Step to Industry 4.0’ maps the four core benefits for organizations to determine their strategic rationale for:

1. Improving Operations: Productivity and Efficiency (OEE), Condition Monitoring, Predictive Analytics etc.

2. Optimizing Assets: Asset Utilization, Asset Health Diagnostics & Repair etc.

3. Enhancing Services: Machine Learning, Better Customer Experience etc. and 

4. Generating Revenues: New Pricing models based on Usage, Real Time Dynamic Pricing etc.

Download this whitepaper to identify your business objectives and integrate it with the technical architecture required for the much sought after competitive advantage and operational effectiveness – Your first step to Industry 4.0 !

Building Hyper Scalable Systems for the Industrial Internet of Things_Altizon Systems with KepwareAltizon together with Kepware presented an IoT Webinar on ‘Building a hyper scalable system for the Industrial Internet of Things’ for :

(a) Scalability   (b) Analytics  (c) Machine Learning and (d) IT/OT Integration

The webinar focused on use cases on Supply Chain Optimization, Energy Monitoring Applications and Smart Cities using Datonis IoT Platform and Kepware IoT Gateway.

Save the PDF  : Building a Hyper Scalable System for the Industrial Internet of Things

Speakers : Ranjit Nair, CTO at Altizon Systems

Ray Labbe, Senior Applications Engineer, Kepware

Link to Recorded Webinar


The CIO Challenge_Taking IoT from Information to Learning_Altizon Systems

As CIOs drive the charge of the enterprises toward Digital Transformation they are rapidly evolving to becoming the Chief Learning OfficersTasked with building a digital footprint that captures not just the erstwhile IT systems and processes but extending them to better understand the physical world and context they operate in. 

Download this Article : The CIO Challenge

Taking IoT from Information to Learning –

    – And learn how the leading CIOs are now rapidly embracing technologies that help them know their customers better and drive proprietary learning towards new disruptive business models and products.        

Author : Vinay Nathan, CEO at Altizon Systems

Excerpts from CIO Review 

Smart Manufacturing_Shop Floor Manufacturing Intelligence_Altizon Systems_Download Whitepaper

Today, CXOs are unable to monitor the progress of productivity initiatives and processes. The complexity increases when there are diverse machines with a mix of new and legacy technologies that are critical for any IT enablement on the machines.

Download this whitepaper to learn how IoT is going to change all of the above with Smart Manufacturing – 

        –  By connecting the machines to capture data in real time and generate reports on critical parameters like Hourly Parts Count, Machine Down Time, Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM) parameters like – OEE, Machine Availability, Performance Efficiency, Quality Rate, and Maintenance Reports like – Downtime, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), etc.

Predictive-Maintenance-for-Compressor-Manufacturers-IoTFor many organizations globally, Compressors are the heart of their manufacturing processes. But when the compressors fails, it brings a business to a halt.

The compressor failure cannot be diagnosed and rectified immediately. So the implementation of sensor based intelligent systems for field data collection has become a critical need for early prediction of failure.

Download this article to learn how compressor manufacturers can implement IoT (Internet of Things) enabled smart systems for predictive maintenance over real time data collected from field sensors

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