IoT Solutions for Tire

Business Needs

Improving Process Capabilities is critical for plant productivity and quality, specifically in asset-intensive industries such as the Tire Industry.

Currently, the consumables and indirect material costs account for a significant part of the plant expenses and are rarely monitored in real time or even close to real time. Adopting a real-time material monitoring solution can help identify losses, improving process efficiencies and driving cost reductions.

Condition-based Monitoring can help optimize processes such as curing without affecting product quality. Predictive Analytics can increase plant availability, and reduce production times.

Our proven and differentiated tech platform Datonis® supports both greenfield and brownfield projects in a vendor agnostic manner. We are uniquely positioned to work with leading Enterprises for their digital transformation initiatives around industry 4.0.

So just connect, manage and learn!

How Can We Help Your Business

We listen to your data. Identify quick actionable insights. Deliver clear business outcomes.

Integrated Dashboard

Real-time production booking that can be integrated with any ERP system.

Consumables & Material Costs

Enable real-time measurement of consumables and control specific consumption.

Monitoring & Analysis

Set control and warning limits for temperature, pressure, pH, viscosity etc.

Process Traceability

Genealogy of the products across the manufacturing chain through Bar Coding System.

OEE & Productivity

Track the slightest of downtimes and ascribing reasons. Reduce maintenance costs.

How it Works

Datonis® accelerates the ‘time to market’ for your connected Internet of Things (IoT) product. Datonis® provides for complete integration with modern web and mobile applications using a comprehensive set of REST APIs. This means that the customer could inject production data into their ERP systems (case in point SAP) as well as build applications that would present this data in the most suitable manner on any device.

Datonis® offers extensive application integration capabilities and state-of-the-art analytics features across Industries and Enterprises. All this with minimal change management and absolutely no interference in the existing work process of Operators.

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