Industrial IoT Solutions for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Our Approach

Altizon offers a technology driven process for IoT Enabled digital transformation of your business.

Datonis IIoT Platform

Datonis is a fully managed IIoT platform that lets you securely connect and process IoT data at scale. It provides the ability to analyze and visualize this data in real-time, integrate IoT data into your business applications and rapidly make operational decisions that impact your business.

Datonis Manufacturing Intelligence

Use Datonis MI for measuring Productivity, improving Quality, enabling product Genealogy and Part Traceability of your manufacturing assets. Datonis MI is relevant for both Discrete and Process manufacturers looking for direct business benefits from IIoT.

Enterprise Integrations

Your IoT projects can be successful only when the machine data used to make your IT systems intelligent and vice-a-versa. Datonis IIoT Platform provides ability to integrate with your existing enterprise applications such as ERP, APM, MES, QMS, CRM and software systems from Microsoft, Siemens, Rockwell, SAP, and others. With IT-OT grid, you quickly achieve intelligent connected ecosystem that helps data driven business decisions and proactive actions.

IoT Business Consultancy

Implementing IoT projects can be a daunting task in that which stakeholders to involve, how to identify right usecases, what would be my RoI are some of the questions that starts with IoT projects. Altizon IoT and Domain expert team provides complete business consultancy to create your customize framework and IoT (Digitalization) roadmap. The experts guide you at every stage of the implementation and beyond.

How We Help


Constant attention to detailing and driving optimum performance, with dedicated technical and strategic support.


Monitor & Maximize Line Efficiency. Get real-time insights into OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), OPE (Overall Process Effectiveness) at cell, machine and/or plant levels.


We are proud of delivering high quality implementation and customer satisfaction.


Achieve Process Traceability with end-to-end batch-wise process genealogy from mining to distribution available in real time with exception alerts.

Industries Innovated By Datonis


Get Real Time Production, Up Time and Downtime visualizations in Integrated Dashboards.


Monetize process insights that are worth ‘billions’.


Integrate all operational KPIs in real time for insights in production, throughput, cycle times, energy consumption, line speed, across all units.


Predict Power consumption to help the power plant better plan its generation and smoother ramp ups.


Implement Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) to track critical machine parameters like cycle time, mold temperature.


Control costs and improve Efficiency with Equipment Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.

Success Stories


Leading Global Metal Forging Company Lays The Foundation Of Industry 4.0 Using Altizon’s IoT Platform.


Energy | Monitoring Power Availability and Quality Across India Using Datonis®.Story of a smart energy NGO.


Smart Manufacturing | Varroc, Auto Component Manufacturer gears for Industry 4.0 using Datonis®.

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