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Datonis® Logitrack is a smart logistics solution developed by Altizon. A RFID based Vehicle Management System, it aims to improve the efficiency of processes that rely on moving assets and provides customized insights to various stakeholders of the enterprise supply chain. Used by a leading MNC, to improve the efficiency of raw material receipt process and avoid pilferage, Datonis® Logitrack performs the following:

  1. Unique identification of vehicle with RFID tag

  2. Process interlocking and improvement by automatic identification of vehicle and material data

  3. Data collection from RFID antennas and processing various analytics on Datonis® cloud

  4. SAP integration for pushing the latest vehicle and material data

Altizon's Industrial IoT Platform Dashboard for Varroc for Visibility in Productivity and Efficiency.jpgHow this helps you?

  • Direct visibility in vehicles at each stage of unloading process
  • Efficiency in unloading process
  • Wait time SLA breach and pilferage attempt alerts
  • Predictive wait time and unloading prioritization for vehicles
  • Raw material Optimization
  • Interlocking to avoid pilferage attempts
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