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The remote location of the most onsite assets makes it difficult to monitor and maintain them efficiently. In case of remote asset failure or malfunction, the lack of sufficient information at hand itself is a huge challenge and causes a significant delay in response, troubleshoot, and fix.

Hawkeye on your remote assets – Datonis® Fieldset, is all you need to remotely monitor their behavior constantly and predict or respond to the situation aptly. Featuring:

  1. Predictive Maintenance

  2. Condition Based Monitoring

  3. Safety and Quality



Altizon's Industrial IoT Platform Dashboard for Varroc for Visibility in Productivity and Efficiency.jpgHow this helps you?

  • Hawkeye on remote assets: With Datonis® Fieldset, you can monitor the behavior of your field assets real-time from your office. With condition based monitoring, preset alerts and notification system help you respond to situation promptly and efficiently. In case of hazardous situation, you can initiate safety measures like turning the switch off or decoupling the unit remotely before it gets worst.
  • Make situation under control: In case of unexpected failure or malfunction, typically it may take a couple of visits of field engineer to bring things back on track, resulting in longer asset downtime, delay in services, higher labor efforts, and loss of business. Not anymore. With Datonis® Fieldset on your side, 95% of the information (like asset behavior data, error codes, safety majors needed, etc) is available to troubleshoot the problem and fix it in a single visit or remotely in many cases. This results in significant time, effort and money savings. Better SLAs and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Proactive, not Reactive: With Datonis® Fieldset, now you can predict the asset behavior and initiate necessary maintenance activity proactively. With predictive maintenance routine, you not only improve asset performance but also increase its lifetime. A huge gain!
  • Optimize Asset Performance: By applying machine learning, data analytics, and controls at the edge, in the cloud, and in between.
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