Datonis Edge

Analytics and artificial intelligence on the Edge.

Functional Features

Connect your devices securely.

Datonis Edge provides rapid connectors to common connectivity protocols like OPC-UA, Modbus, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi so that your devices can quickly connect. Build your own connectors by writing custom plugins. The edge uses an SHA 256 key based authentication over TLS1.2 to ensure security.

Overcome offline or unreliable connectivity.

The Edge is built as a store and forward system and has a built-in cache for storing messages when offline. The data that the Edge stores is only limited by the storage available. The Edge also uses data batching, compression and various other techniques to ensure that it can deal with limited network data bandwidth.

Analytics and AI on the Edge.

The Datonis Edge can process and analyse sensor data on the edge, proving extreme performance, reduced latency and ensuring that only relevant data is transmitted to the platform. Build and train machine learning models on the Datonis IIoT platform and push them to the edge for execution to achieve ML on the edge.

Support for multiple hardware and platforms

The Datonis Edge is supported on a number of hardware platforms, including extremely constrained devices and runs on all operating systems including real time operating systems (RTOS).



Built-in connectivity support for the most common IIoT protocols.


Extend Edge functionality using custom plugins.

Edge Analytics

Support for Edge Analytics and Edge AI.


Key based security with communication over TLS1.2.

Cross Platform

All major hardware and operating systems are supported.


Upgrade Edge firmware over the air.

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