Industrial IoT Applications

Since the inception of the Internet of Things (IoT), a slew of connected products is emerging resulting in a drastic change in the way consumers interact with home appliances, cars, electronics, [...]

The IoT Curator | November 2017

Team Altizon is grateful towards all its readers for the continuing support for ‘The IoT Curator’ feature and the entire blog section in general.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Special | IoT Powered Connected Supply Chain

Shopping festivals like the Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. bring in huge profits for the retail industry.

Data Analytics: Key to Unlocking the True Power of IoT

Why the real benefits of the Internet of Things come from Data-driven decision making rather than mere machine connectivity? When the machines are connected to the internet, you start getting the [...]

The IoT Curator:: October 2017

Our team came across this fantastic piece of information in the Harvard Business Review that highlights the role of transforming manufacturing products as services via the digitalization avenue.

IoT for Tire Industry | Vulcanizing the Tire Plant Operations

The Tire industry has always been at the forefront of technological innovations, often leading the way, for the rest of the pack. With the emergence of innovative technologies, ultra-modern [...]

The IoT Curator Sep 2017

Altizon was declared as the winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2017 India IoT Energy Monitoring New Product Innovation Leadership Award.

IoT for Digital Customer Experience

In the age of the omnipresent and super connected customer, the buying process does not end at the Point Of Sale. Customers today prefer to make service-oriented purchases (Opex expenditure) [...]

The IoT Curator:: August 2017

First of all, we would like to thank you for the positive response that we received for the first edition of the IoT curator.

IoT making Simulation World Real | Arena Simulation Software & Datonis®

Manufacturing a decade back was all about brute force and production. Today, it’s a different ball game altogether. Today’s manufacturing is more complex, involving diverse supply chains, [...]